DuBOIS — One concern from parents if fifth-graders are moved to the DuBois Area Middle School has been what would lunch periods be like.

Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton addressed these questions at last week’s work session — when would the fifth-grade students be eating and who would they be eating with?

“In December, we had initially thought that we would look at either two or three lunch periods,” Benton said. “However, it is the recommendation of the administration to maintain four separate lunch periods.”

The times are still a work in progress, Benton said.

Currently, the middle school has an Extended Learning Opportunity period at the end of the day. If the district would provide an ELO period at the beginning of the day, that would bump all of the lunches up by a half hour,” Benton said.

That would mean the fifth grade lunch period would be at 10:36 a.m. rather than 10:06 a.m.

“But the students would have four separate lunch periods and obviously there would be plenty of space in the cafeteria because we were able to combine two grade levels into one. So the cafeterias would be half empty or half full,” Benton said.

Class Sizes

The other area of concerns for parents has been class sizes,w which the district understands and values very much, she said.

The enrollment data is based upon the Jan. 12 numbers. These are still projected class sizes, Benton said. The classes of 26 would be the more advanced levels.

Projected class size for fifth grade is 23 and 26 for math (two levels), reading (two levels) and English (two levels); and 24 for both science and social studies at one level.

For sixth grade, class sizes range from 20-21 for three math levels, 23, 24 and 14 for three reading levels, 22 and 26 for two English levels, 24 for science and 20 for social studies.

For seventh grade, class sizes range from 20 in math, 24, 24 and 13 in reading, 21 in English and Science and 19 in social studies.

For eighth grade, class sizes range from 22, 21, 19 in math, 19 and 25 in English, 21, 22 and 22 in scienceand23 in social studies.

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