DuBOIS — As November comes to an end, deer season and Thanksgiving have likely been the highlights for most. But for many men, there are bigger things to be concerned with — like to shave, or not to shave.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a new tradition called, “No Shave November,” when guys all across the country drop their razors for an entire month until Dec. 1 rolls around.

The purpose of No Shave November is not for men to let their beards grow crazy, but to raise awareness for different kinds of cancer including prostate cancer. The goal is to donate the money a man normally would use to get a haircut or groom their facial hair to cancer research charities.

At DuBois Area High School, the men in the social studies department have participated in No Shave November before, but have taken it a step farther this year, said teacher Chuck Pasternak.

“We decided the day before Thanksgiving vacation, we would shave our beards into these crazy mustaches,” Pasternak said. “Everybody shaved and we sent pictures to each other — 40-plus year old men sending selfies to each other and just laughing like crazy.”

This year, the teachers decided they were going to have a contest for the “DAHS Social Studies Department Best Mustache Award.”

“We actually purchased a traveling trophy for the “Best Mustache” award,” Pasternak said. “And we decided to turn this into a charitable cause because the purpose for No Shave November was about prostate cancer for men. It’s a cancer theme so we decided and hope to raise some money for the cause. We’re going to raise money for charity, the (Penn Highlands) Hahne Regional Cancer Center, keeping it local.”

Pictures of each of the nine members of the department who participated with their mustaches are being placed on cans and then the students can donate money to who they believe has the best mustache, Pasternak said.

Pasternak said that since the department has one woman, Jackie Norris, interim Athletic Director Chuck Ferra is her representative.

Voting will take place the week of Dec. 4-8 in classrooms.

In addition to donating the money to Hahne, Pasternak said the staff member that raises the most money will treat all of their classes to a donut party.

Though the contest started out within the social studies department, Pasternak said he hopes the tradition will get even bigger next year.

“The more the merrier,” Pasternak said.

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