School's out

DuBois Area Middle School students are shown leaving school Thursday afternoon. The DuBois Area School District is considering moving fifth-graders to the middle school.

DuBOIS — It’s time to hear if the DuBois Area School Board wants to move fifth-graders from their elementary schools to the middle school.

That proposal is expected to be on Thursday’s regular board meeting agenda. Board President Patty Fish recommended it at last week’s work session following Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton’s presentation on the proposal.

“We have hundreds of hours of work into this and there is still a lot of work ahead,” Benton said.

That work includes:

  • Developing a master schedule;
  • Talking about course offerings: Curricular development and enhancements and additional instructional equipment and resources;
  • Making transition plans for students;
  • Discussing a Morning Extended Learning Opportunities period;
  • Determining bell schedules and staff assignments;
  • Identifying technology and instructional needs;
  • Building maps/configuration of classrooms.

“I would respectfully ask for some direction from the school board to see if we continue to invest in planning for the possibility of moving the fifth grade into the middle school,” Benton said. “We’re just looking for some guidance.”

“They are doing a lot of work,” Fish said. “If it is something we don’t want to do, we should not have them invest all this time.”

Tonight’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Administrative Center on Liberty Boulevard, DuBois.

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