Watershed Journal reception to be held

Discussing the upcoming reception at the Winkler Gallery and Art Education Center in DuBois, from left, are Winkler Gallery Board of Directors President Craig Inzana, Jess Weible, founder of the Writer’s Block Party, and Holly Button, of Clarion, and Ray Bugay, of Rossiter, who are both staff for the Watershed Journal.

DuBOIS — Sunday will be a day to celebrate the art of poetry and writing at the Watershed Journal debut reception at the Winkler Gallery and Art Education Center in downtown DuBois.

“This is the first year for the Watershed Journal and our reception,” said Winkler Gallery Board of Directors President Craig Inzana. “This spring, before the journal was released, the Winkler Gallery was contacted to see how we could work together with the Brookville-based publication as it features DuBois area writers and photography as well. From that we decided that they should have two receptions, one in Brookville, which happened June 10, and one here in DuBois happening Sunday at the Winkler Gallery.”

The Watershed Journal, in partnership with C.R.E.A.T.E. Brookville, is a publication of local writers and photography that began with a group of writers based in Brookville known as the Writer’s Block Party.

The purpose of the Writer’s Block Party is for writers to meet once a month to share and develop their writing and enjoy writing-based activities, said founder Jess Weible.

“I was meeting local writers and many were talking about how it’s so hard to publish because there’s nothing like this going on right now, where people can get a notch in their belt,” Weible said. “I thought let’s keep it local, where writers can get a notch in their belt in terms of putting that on a submission application or whatever, that they’ve been published in the Watershed Journal. Plus, it just has the added benefit of providing something for the community where people can see names that might be recognizable and see their work and really create some regional support for these writers and photographers.”

The group and the journal are sponsored by C.R.E.A.T.E. Brookville, a nonprofit organization focused on encouraging creativity in the community.

According to Inzana, the reception will be celebrating the art of poetry and writing with the journal but also an open mic.

“Anyone is welcome to come and listen or share their own work,” Inzana said. “The journal is currently accepting submissions for its second run, so it would be a great opportunity for local writers and photographers to come meet the organizers. We’re really proud to have this event as a showcase of collaborative work between the DuBois and Brookville arts communities. The journal has pieces from Brookville, DuBois, Clarion, Punxsutawney and surrounding areas so it is important for them to reach out beyond their home base in Brookville.”

The Watershed Journal is currently collecting submissions for the fall edition which will be released early- to mid-September, said Weible. Sought are poetry, short stories, personal essays and photography. There is no charge for submitting to the journal.

“We’re hoping that the reception event will bring in people who are interested,” said Weible.

The event will be held from 1-3 p.m. at the Winkler Gallery located at 36 N. Brady St., DuBois.

For more information or to submit something to the journal, send an email to: thewatershedjournal@gmail.com.

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