Winslow Towship supervisors

Winslow Township Supervisors Edward Mohney and Rick August and Township Secretary Mary Greeley inspect the site plans given to them for the new Dollar General location.

REYNOLDSVILLE — The Winslow Township Board of Supervisors inspected the site plans presented to them for a new Dollar General to be built at the intersection of Route 322 and Big Run Prescottville Road at Monday’s meeting.

The site plans required the signatures of the supervisors for the store to move ahead with work on the property. A motion was made and approved to sign the papers during the meeting.

The supervisors had a large pamphlet of maps showing the area the company is intending to use to build the new, larger Dollar General. There is currently a Dollar General about half a mile down Route 322 from where the new one will be built, sharing a building with Goodwill.

“There’s one there now, out further. They’re going to get rid of that one,” said Mary Greeley, the township secretary. “Our thoughts are that Goodwill will be bigger.”

Greeley said she had received calls some months back to request information about the properties in that area.

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“I said ‘excuse me but before I give out all this information, what are you doing?’ Because you never know who you’re talking to. He said it was going to be a commercial building,” Greeley said. “Then he started saying, and I said ‘oh, you’re talking about a dollar store,’ but you know you really should say.”

The supervisors inspected the plans, taking note of which houses were bought, and how much land the building will be taking up.

“This is basically what they got. That building’s going to be big, it has to be,” said Supervisor Rick August.

The necessary properties have all been purchased, and any structures will be torn down and trees removed, as detailed at the meeting. According to the site plans, the entrance to the store will be on the Big Run Prescottville Road rather than Route 322.

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