Julie Collins

Julie Collins, a board certified hearing instrument specialist, at her Miracle Ear office in DuBois.

A Brookville woman dedicated to offering “the freedom to enjoy a better life” has expanded her skills and services to the DuBois area.

Hearing Instrument Specialist Julie Collins said Miracle Ear’s DuBois office opened at the beginning of June. Miracle Ear also has Brookville and Kersey offices.

Miracle Ear covers a six-county region, offering professional evaluations, custom-fit hearing devices and the most modern technology possible.

Collins knew she wanted to be a part of the magic that occurs when someone can hear again after working as a Miracle Ear receptionist in Brookville in 2003, she said. She was board certified in 2008.

“I got really excited with what I was seeing there,” she said. “It was such a rewarding job. People would leave smiling.”

Since its initiation, Collins said, she has been looking to expand and grow the practice. When she had an opportunity to serve Clearfield area zip codes, she decided DuBois was a good middle ground to open another office.

She also has a special place in her heart for the elderly, Collins says. Studies show that hearing loss has also been linked to the decline of other things, such as memory.

“Their whole quality of life improves,” she said. “I can help them hang on to their memory a little longer, and keep their abilities intact as long as possible.”

When someone comes in for a Miracle Ear appointment, it begins with addressing their concerns and a hearing test, Collins said. From there, they can determine exactly what services are needed.

The patient is taught how to use and care for the hearing device, during and after use, Collins said. Miracle Ear offers the most advanced form of hearing devices, such as battery-free technology that is portable and can be streamed to televisions and smartphones.

She has plans to grow Miracle Ear more, and hire more people as well, Collins said. The company is going to try to offer three days of appointments at each location.

“I’m just so excited to be able to serve the community,” Collins said. “I have the knowledge and experience of 16 years that I can use to help them.”

Miracle Ear of DuBois has a training apprentice, Chad Hanzley, who will be taking his board test in April, Collins says.

Many people who are experiencing hearing loss think getting a device would be too expensive, or are afraid to ask for help, she said. Miracle Ear offers financing options, though, for high-quality services.

She attributes much of where she is today to her faith, Collins says, adding that the Lord helped her fall into the position she has now.

“I found my niche in life and where I’m supposed to be,” she said. “God has led me to this job. I want to give my heart and my all to serve this community.”

For more information, visit www.miracle-ear.com or call the DuBois office at 814-792-2863.

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