Trial to begin in case of journalist killed in submarine

FILE - In this Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017 file photo, police and other authorities search a waterway for body remains related to the ongoing Kim Wall murder investigation at the west coast of Amager close to Copenhagen, Denmark. Peter Madsen stands trial at Copenhagen’s City Court on Thursday March 8, 2018, for the killing of Kim Wall, 30, in his submarine off the usually quiet northern European country. (Jens Dresling/Ritzau via AP, File)

Jens Dresling

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish inventor Peter Madsen goes on trial Thursday for the killing of journalist Kim Wall in his submarine. Madsen denies killing Wall and says she died accidentally inside his submarine while he was on deck. However, he has admitted cutting her up before he "buried her at sea."

A look at the key moments in the case:

— Aug 10, 2017: Kim Wall goes on submarine trip from Copenhagen with Peter Madsen. They are the only two people on the vessel, and it is the last time Wall is seen alive.

— Aug. 11: Major search for submarine after Wall's Danish boyfriend alerted authorities that sub did not return. Madsen is saved from sinking submarine south of Copenhagen. Wall is missing. Madsen is arrested. He claims Wall disembarked from the submarine at a Copenhagen island several hours into their trip.

— Aug. 12: Madsen appears before a pre-trial custody hearing. He faces preliminary manslaughter charges. In Denmark, preliminary charges are a step short of formal charges.

— Aug. 13: Submarine is raised and put onto land in northern Copenhagen.

— Aug. 21: Dismembered torso found at sea off Copenhagen.

— Aug. 23: Copenhagen police says DNA test confirms it was Wall's torso.

— Aug. 25: Madsen also faces preliminary charges of indecent handling of a corpse.

— Sept. 5: Madsen explains at a pre-trial hearing that Wall died accidentally when hit by a 70-kilogram (155-pound) hatch on the UC3 Nautilus submarine, after which he "buried" her at sea. He later changes that when Wall's head is found with no skull fractures.

— Oct. 4: Police say they have found 15 stab wounds on Wall's torso. They also find videos of women being tortured, decapitated and killed on Madsen's computer. The videos are not produced by Madsen.

— Oct. 7: Police say they have found a head, two legs and clothes in plastic bags a day earlier. Dental records help identify Wall.

— Nov. 22: Wall's left arm is found by divers in the sea south of Copenhagen.

— Nov. 29: Wall's right arm is found by divers in the sea south of the Danish capital.

— Jan. 12, 2018: Police stop searching for Wall's and Madsen's cell phones believed to have been thrown at sea.

— Jan. 16: Madsen is charged with murder, dismemberment and indecent handling of a corpse.

— March. 8: Trial against Madsen starts at the Copenhagen City Court where he faces two judges and two jurors.

— April 25: Last trial day.

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