Wilcox Vol. Fire Department AEDs

Pictured are the three new AEDs at the Wilcox Volunteer Fire Department.

WILCOX — Wilcox Volunteer Fire Department members participated in training to use new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) recently, which will provide high-quality support for both adult and pediatric cardiac arrest victims, says EMS Captain Thor Lehman.

The WVFD purchased three brand-new “Zoll AED 3 BLS” model AEDs, delivered throughout New Years weekend, that are designed for professional rescuers, he said.

The WVFD’s current two AEDs are reaching their intended 10-year lifespan, Lehman added.

Lehman is administering the training for the new units to WVFD EMTS, paramedics and emergency responders.

“It guides the delivery of high-quality CPR, and is one of the fastest AEDs in the industry to deliver a shock after chest compressions stop,” Lehman said, noting these are two “critical components” when increasing an SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) victim’s chance of survival.

These models, which will be placed in the ambulance, rescue 611 and two main fire engines, provide the audio feedback and display the actual depth and rate of each CPR compression, said Lehman, and the CPR dashboard allows elapsed time, cycle countdown and shocks administered.

The AEDs were purchased through the WVDF Firemen’s Relief Association, says Lehman, money allocated from the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General.

“It’s money we can use for training, buying equipment, purchasing protective equipment and also, pay for insurance with,” he said.

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