Thank you for asking Mr. Fleming. “Local” Democrats have been busy circulating petitions, stirring some very interesting door to door conversations. Mr. Fleming, rest assured you will hear more about Ryan Grimm and Margie Brown, two fine candidates worthy of consideration, in the months to come while “local” Republicans sort out their nominations. Rep. Scott Conklin, a neighbor, seeks statewide office as Auditor General.

“Local” Democrats have also been busy participating in the national election. You should be proud that there are four delegates from Clearfield County authorized by the Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar campaigns. Not bad for one county out of 13 in our Congressional District!

Mr. Fleming, please don’t let your very broad brush used to paint Democrats hide the truth that Republicans from 20 counties signed and filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State, 822 formal petitions opposing this American President who believes the likes of Putin and other world strongmen over career American intelligence, military and justice officials, many with roots to our very own community. Not supporting the rule of law falls well below this community’s standard.

More to the point though, “local” Democrats have also been busy raising their voices now heard in a party that listens after 2016. Healthcare remains a top concern, especially in rural areas of Pennsylvania such as ours. You will soon be witnessing a cap on insulin co-pays, like other states (Colorado, Illinois and Virginia) have done with more states to follow. A good start to much needed prescription and medical care relief. Income inequality hits areas like ours much harder than most. In case you haven’t noticed, Republican policies haven’t “trickled down” enough to stop rural blight. True, the stock market was good until a few days ago, but somehow our buildings were still collapsing and roads still crumbling. Real infrastructure cometh, not a failed promise!

Dems are back to honor the sacred value of protecting and defending all hard working families while better stewarding our natural resources, including air and water. Mr. Fleming, Pennsylvania Democrats have started to look two decades out concerning the coming consequences of climate change. Turns out, God blessed Pennsylvania not only with an abundance of natural resources but mountains that best protect us from such changes. These consequences can be a vital economic engine in the coming years. Rest assured, Dems have started thinking policies, but again, Mr. Fleming, thank you for asking.

In closing, I renew my offer to also submit a guest column. The readers might enjoy hearing a little about moderate Democratic policies, from time to time. After all, they do reside in a Commonwealth with more Democrats. Possibly it’s just worth the thought to consider sending rural Democrats to the County Courthouse, Harrisburg and DC once in a while so that the full spectrum of voices can be heard including Rural Democrats, and maybe, all of us together can share and enjoy life our way, rural Pennsylvania.

Theron G. “Terry” Noble, Esq., is chairman of the Rural Caucus — Pennsylvania Dems.

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