(BPT) - Your kid is an individual. Start their school year with something that will spark their unique passions, and you’ll be surprised how far that can take them. This collection of first-day tips from AllPosters.com will help you find the perfect way to stoke your kid’s imagination this semester. It's all here, from the coolest lunchbox in all of time and space to Taylor Swift-inspired school supplies.

1. Strategize with your kids

Before the first day begins, it can be helpful to have a casual conversation with your kids about what they’re expecting. Learning their concerns ahead of time can help you team up to tackle them. For example, if you know that math is an intimidating subject for your child this year, go into the semester with a battle plan for setting aside study time before soccer practice. Whether they’re concerned about a social situation or a certain teacher, it’s better to talk it out and tackle things together.

The two of you together make an unbeatable team.

2. Pack lunch ahead of time

The first day of school is stressful enough without running around in the morning cutting crusts off of sandwiches. Having lunch ready to go removes one more thing from your list. Having a lunchbox they love helps, too. These Doctor Who-themed lunchboxes and knapsacks are built to last through any time-warping intergalactic adventure, with high-quality graphics that transform them into the iconic Time And Relative Dimensions In Space machine ... or TARDIS, to you.

It may not be bigger on the inside, but it's got plenty of room for snacks.

3. Don’t stress about social media

Some bloggers nail that first-day picture with every kid in clean and corresponding outfits. Others might ‘gram perfectly-balanced meals that no one should have the time to make. That’s great for them, but it’s OK to give yourself permission to avoid the pressure of performative parenting. All you really have to do is get yourselves to school on time — although Grandma would probably appreciate at least one pic. Don’t worry if it’s blurry and everyone is covered in crumbs.

The perfect first day means making friends, not finding the right filter.

4. Make note-taking fun

Note-taking and essaywriting become WAY more fun when the notebooks capture your kid’s inner superstar. This combination of three notebooks with signature shots of Taylor allows your Swiftie to keep multiple classes covered, or start writing lyrics of their own.

Baby, just say yes to this sweet Taylor Swift notebook set.

5. Allow them to express their individuality

Help your kids express their unique nature with a totally on-point tee. They’ll be more confident accompanied by their favorite superhero or rock star. Whatever they’re into, there’s a shirt that helps them make a statement, so stock those wardrobes with some fun and fan-inspired tees.

AllPosters.com has a great selection of novelty t-shirts and graphic tees for everyday back-to-school fashion.

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