Recently, Tim and I embarked on watching the Transformers Cinematic Universe.

March is National Reading month, but I don’t need any encouragement to grab a book and get comfortable just about any time of the year. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a first grader enjoying the escapades of Dick and Jane and little Sally and their pets Spot and Puff. During the pandem…

My birthday is this week. Normally, this would result in some sort of age-related existential crisis and an effort to drown my sorrows in comic books, but this year, I have a completely different problem.

Always relating to sports, last weekend served as a good halftime break for my “Ben’s Bites” commentary. Welcoming my parents to town, we went to a pair of known favorites in Luigi’s and Benezette Hotel, of course making the loop in search of elk.

Last year as the world around us was being transitioned from calendar pages marked with 2019 into pages with 2020, our personal lives were being changed in many aspects, both personal as well as in professional that affected everything we attempted to do. And that included changes that revol…

Some folks say they are having trouble adjusting to Daylight Saving Time since last weekend’s “spring ahead” change cost us an hour of sleep.

It’s been a year since COVID-19 first shut down Pennsylvania. I’ll admit, it feels like longer. The initial days of the pandemic seemed to drag on for years, but time creeped at its petty pace from day to day as it usually does.