Cooking sometimes seems like an exact science but mistakes and add-ins can sometimes turn out quite tasty.

Why does it seem we change when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle?

Dad comes from a family in which he was one of six siblings. There were three girls and three boys.

We are beginning “Fair Season” in the Tri-County Area. Today the Jefferson County Fair opens and the Clarion County Fair will follow on July 21. The Clearfield County Fair will open on July 28 and the Elk County Fair will follow on Aug. 6 and don’t forget the Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair, …

Why do we forget stuff? Keys, to buy that one thing you needed at the grocery store but forgot to put on the list, to take the clothes out of the dryer – the list could go on and on.

July the Fourth is Thursday but with it being so close to the weekend, I’m sure many families will be holding gatherings all weekend long.

Our parents are not invincible, well, I think Dad may be.

Last month I was enjoying a rare night of sitting with Dad and watching television. I had my usual glass of ice tea but on this night I added the healthy addition of an apple. I had a sandwich size plate and a paring knife as well as I planned to peel the apple before eating it.

Well, we had good intentions. We decided to try to follow others’ advice when they told us that to decrease the number of feral felines in the neighboorhood to just stop feeding them.