Life goes on at its own pace. Sometimes it seems as if we’re moving in slow motion and other times it’s like “hold on to something quick before you’re blown completely off track.” But no matter the speed of life, we all at one time or another get into a rut and let the days blend into each other without really noticing.

There are times, however, when we are knocked over the head with what is important in life.

I don’t usually talk a lot about faith or more specifically my faith but this week I’m stepping away from recipes to share a couple of experiences that had me so very thankful.

The first happened on Monday while I was on my way to do an interview. I had left the Jeffersonian Democrat office and was on Pickering Street sitting at a red light. I needed to turn left onto Main Street to head to Clarion. As I waited at the light, another vehicle came down North Pickering Street to the stoplight and signaled that it too was planning to turn in the same direction as I was.

Such situations happen every day, multiple times a day.

I am not familiar with the streets in Clarion so I was anxious to head that way in case it took me longer to find my destination than I thought it would. I had a GPS device plugged in and we all know those never steer us wrong (which is why one hears the stories of someone following GPS and ending up on some back road in the middle of the forest at the edge of a cliff).

The light finally turned green and I, a bit impatiently, waited for the other driver to turn as he would have right of way according to the rules of the road. Instead of making the turn, the driver was looking in the rearview mirror and patting their hair into place. I truly don’t think they knew the light had changed to green. I’m sure I had a few words to say about paying attention when one drives as I waited. It was likely only a minute or so before the driver, realizing the light was green, made the turn.

I begian to put a little pressure on the gas pedal, not really enough at this point to move the car much at all when a tractor-trailer heading east on Main Street blows through the intersection. I still had a green light at this point so I know this driver would have been facing a red light.

My first reaction was shock and disbelief. I thought I was seeing things. My next reaction was “Thank you Lord Jesus!”

Dad and I have talked from time to time of our belief that our Lord is always with us each day, helping to guide us when we ask for help and also keeping us safe until we return home. I truly believe God’s hand was in this in that the actions of the driver directly across from me kept me stationary rather than pulling into the intersection as I would have done. The tractor-trailer at the speed it was traveling would have hit the driver’s door of my car and I have my doubts that I would have survived the crash.

As I finally made the turn onto Main Street to continue on my way I was thanking the Lord over and over for keeping me safe.

Move further into the week to Wednesday. Winter weather had made the roads slick in the morning but I made it to work without incident. It was early evening when I made the return trip home that was the problem.

As I left Brookville, traveling along Route 322, the light snow that had been falling in town became heavier and heavier. The wind was blowing so the snow took on that time tunnel effect. I have always had a touch of motion sickness even as a child growing up. That along with a touch of vertigo does not make it pleasant to drive into the twirling snow. I can’t even watch roller coasters on television, especially if they move the camera around, without feeling queasy.

On top of the twirling snow, the road was covered and no markings were visible. High beams just make such snow conditions impossible to drive through so I kept to the low beams as I traveled, inching my way along, trying to see the road. Was I in my lane or in the middle of the road? Did the road turn to the left or right just ahead or go straight? The longer I drove the worse it seemed.

I made it as far as the Falls Creek-Reynoldsville Road. As I slowly made my way along it seemed the snow suddenly became more intense and I couldn’t see where I was going at all. My nerves felt ready to snap as I had been gripping the steering wheel so hard my hands felt cramped.

I was just overwhelmed with a feeling like I wasn’t going to make it home as I came to almost a complete stop on the road.

Somewhere deep inside me came the plea for help. There was no thought in my head to ask the Lord for help but suddenly I just found myself crying out loud “Please Lord, you have to help me. I can’t see. Please clear my way.”

As I continued to stare though my windshield with tears spilling from my eyes, the snow started to diminish. Within moments the way in front of me was clear and the roads less covered.

I know some people will say that I just coincidentally made it through whatever band of snow squalls was hitting our area that night. However, for me it was a cry of help from deep within that was answered by the Lord. It was different because it was almost involuntary.

These two incidents could be brushed off as mere coincidences, however, my faith tells me it was more than that. For me it was the good Lord Jesus reaching out to a soul in danger, to a soul in need.

The days of my life go on, blending from one to another, normally. But this week, God’s mercy and love entered my life in such a way that it cannot be ignored or explained away. I’ve received a wake up call to really look and see the many blessings we have each day despite the chaos that fills our world.

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