Last week I noted that I was remaining as the Tri-County Sunday editor. Anyone who saw the article in this past week’s Jeffersonian-Democrat newspaper will know that I am also the editor of that weekly newspaper, which is located in Brookville.

That change means driving to Brookville Monday through Thursday. For the most part I have always found that drive relaxing. Back when I began my newspaper career, I worked about three years in the Courier Express’ only branch office. It was located in Brookville. So the drive from Falls Creek to Brookville is one I know well. Of course, times have changed.

In those days, snow falling wouldn’t have bothered me in the least. Whether it was to head to work or go out (in Brookville) with friends on a Friday or Saturday night, snow would not have stopped me back then. It’s seems we’re all fearless when we’re in our 20s.

Someone once told me they thought it was because at that age we feel indestructible and that bad things, such as our vehicle going into a spin down an icy hill, can’t or maybe just don’t happen to “us.” Of course as we age we come to realize that that way of thinking is completely lacking in common sense.

With the snowfall at the early part of last week, I found myself having to drive home from Brookville early in the evening, no later than 9:30 p.m. But I drove much different than I might have back in the 1980s. While then I might have moved right along as long as the car didn’t give any indication of sliding on the roads, today I inched along. Breaking at every curve and hill to make sure I wasn’t taken unaware if the car would hit an icy spot.

It never did.

Whether it was because I steadily moved along at 40 mph or because the road really wasn’t icy, I couldn’t say.

The fact that today I approach driving in such weather differently, makes me understand more of the worry I likely caused Mom and Dad. There were very few weekend nights that my friends and I stayed in because of weather. Instead as a light snow fell, we’d find ourselves on the road heading to whichever night spot was popular. We simply enjoyed going out to dance. We drank some but never in excess. It only took me one time for the bedroom ceiling to spin to make sure I never over indulged again. No, my friends and I would rather be up on the dancing floor moving to the sounds of the 80s than just sitting and drinking.

Area bands were the rage in the 80s. If one that we liked was playing nearby, we’d make sure to find our way there.

But then came music videos. I can still remember going to the Day’s Inn in Brookville to dance and watch the music videos. They had a large screen at one end of the dance floor, and they’d lower it to play a music video as we danced to the music. Afterwards, it would slowing rise up and disappear into the ceiling. For us, at that time, we thought it was so cool.

Nowadays, I find some music too loud and some days lower back pain makes getting in and out of the car a real challenge. Yes, times have definitely changed.

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