I would like to express my disappointment with the restrictions that Gov. Tom Wolf has put into place for high school sporting events. The fact that the families of players are not permitted in stadiums and gyms of the high school sporting events is ridiculous. The band, cheerleaders and new…

I am writing about the Clearfield County Controller Dennis Adamson naming his daughter as Deputy Controller. I think he could have used better judgement. His daughter may be qualified. But she is still his daughter.

I think we can all admit, this has been quite the year. Nobody knew what we were in for and "going back to normal" may never come again for all we know. However, common sense is here to stay and I feel like DuBois, my hometown where I grew up, is lacking just that. Let me explain:

I have just sat and watched another Sunday morning of political trash on the television. It's time we the people stand up and say enough is enough. I don't know how to go about passing legislation to restrict term limits, but the time for that has long passed.

Once again we can read Shawn Inlow's low opinions of President Trump. One of our freedeoms entitles him to be able to that; here is mine.