Despite our feeble efforts to learn from the past, we appear to be inching closer to conflict in our streets. And though there may exist some threat from foreign entities, the primary reason appears to be home grown division. All of the racial, religious, political, geographic, economic, and other differences appear to be used as wedges for division and hatred.

It only seems logical that some entity wishing to conquer or to rule us is behind this effort. Aside from those with true disabling infirmities, who are unable to participate in the production of goods and services, a majority of non producers has been created to control the ballot box. This majority of non producers, and producers of distractions, only need keep the producers of needed goods and services at war within themselves to maintain a comfortable majority control.

Thus it becomes much clearer why the distraction industry (Hollywood, professional sports, much of academia, many government workers, news outlets, etc.) are allies with the able bodied non producing population. This cabal of freeloaders and jesters has helped keep the rest of us too busy fighting amongst ourselves to acknowledge our enslavement.

Builders, repair persons, military and peace officers, the teaching community not interested in promoting propaganda, and all those involved with the production of goods or services important to human existence must realize we have become enslaved to those who do not and those who have made a corporation of our country.

When rioting in the streets, destruction of property and hatred swirls around us remember some group is benefiting from our division. And until we come together to root out the promoters of this division we, and our posterity, will remain enslaved.

"if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. Mark 3:25

– Blaise Dornisch, Johnsonburg

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