To the lady from Brookville and her friends that went with her to the Woman’s March, I think you must have had blinders on and earmuffs over your ears. First, women from pro-life were told they were not welcome.

Next, true, as I watched on television I did not see any violence of bricks through windows or people assaulted on the street as I have in many other protest marches by the liberals. I saw many other assaults of middle fingers, cussing, name calling, signs with terrible things written on them and even a threat to bomb the White House. This is a different kind of violence but it is violence just the same. If your child came home from school and told you that some of the kids at school did this to them, I would hope you would head for the Brookville area high school and find out why these kids were bullying your child.

I agree in equal rights for women and men but do you? I as a man am not allowed to murder anyone that I don’t want or is an inconvenience in my life. Do you think I should have that right?

As I said in my title, pro-life is respectful to all, they didn’t name call, cuss and even called for stopping of violence.

I am glad that you and your friends stood up for what you feel is right. The only thing I would ask each of you to do, as I do almost every day and that is to say in a loud voice: For being pro-life, I thank you, mom.

– Joseph Tubbs, Curwensville

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