Dear Editor,

I believe I see the future for the life of Donald Trump. America has been subjected to its first despotic nut case in modern history. Although his dwindling advocates will take a decade or two to realize his erratic temperament, it won't take long for wisdom thinkers to record his disastrous effect on our nation. We are at the nadir of a long political nightmare. Sooner, rather than later, Trump's morally and ethically sordid life will become even more of an open book, readable even for the dwindling hangers-on’s. Some will never learn or acknowledge his crimes against all that is good and sacred in our nation. This won’t matter even though the commando want-a-be militia men and women will be simply a fringe annoyance.

Trump’s days need to be numbered. For those who pray, pray for that. For patriots, rise and shine. Truly patriotic citizens know what is at stake. We have a national problem to solve. Speak up loud and clear. Trump is against the ropes now, reeling from the weight of the nullification of all that has made America a place to call our home of the free and brave. Patience has run its course and we deserve so much better leadership.

Robert Dull

Brookville, PA

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