School boards need to put their collective noses to the grindstone!

Harrisburg's getting ready to vote on the Property Tax Independence Act: aka House Bill 76 (HB76). Gov. Wolf's even open to the idea of possibly eliminating property taxes! Part of the bill calls for voter referendum for any new taxes proposed by state school boards. Freezing school expenditures is another facet.

Statewide, fear mongering is running amok. School administrations are nervous, sending home notes about HB76. It could mean dread for a local a school board who levies taxes for debt it cannot control. After all, it's the board's responsibility to winnow BASD's budget, a $1.8 million gap.

The pig just has lipstick on it now by calling it an Occupational Tax, or an Earned Income Tax. If there's no voter referendum, it becomes the easy way out to fish a homeowner's pocket! Closing a $1.8 million gap needs more work. It is the sole responsibility of the board to go over budgetary items, line-by-line. It would bring the property owners, small business owners, parents and community great peace of mind knowing that extracurriculars were indeed EXTRA!

Voter referendum is the key to out of control spending in our schools.

Education is not the ladder out of poverty. Property taxes can put a child into poverty, via Sheriff's Sale. Teaching our kids the value of hard work, discipline and self-control are well-worn rungs on ladders. Harrisburg's budget impasses get the blame. The status quo of offering a plethora of extras and increasing new student minimums for hobbies has us up a creek. Come May 16th, it'd be nice to take a collective breath of fresh air with no new taxes stinking up the place! Camping with no ladders sounds fun!

– Joda Siar, Richardsville

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