The Brookville Borough Council voted to send a letter to the property owners along Main Street Tuesday night. Officials are hoping for a quick response to a plan to refresh Main Street’s beauty.

Anyone walking downtown will see spots where trees used to stand but all that remains are “empty earthen sections;” there are spots were only stumps remain; and there are spots where the brick apron along the curb has heaved upward. The trees and bricks were part of a beautification program some years back, which was done through Historic Brookville and the cooperation of Main Street property owners.

Council would like to help correct the situation. Several council members, along with volunteers and local businesses, have put together a plan to place large planters, where permitted, to cover the bare spots. The planters would be uniform in size and construction giving Main Street a new unified look once more.

The Brookville Garden Club and a Penn State Cooperative Extension Master Gardner are partnering with the borough to help with this effort.

Private individuals have purchased a watering tank and volunteered to care for the plants. However the borough cannot buy the planters because the sidewalks are the property of the property owners. Council can coordinate the plan and once it knows how many planters to order it can figure a cost.

Any Main Street property owners interested in placing a planter should let the borough know. Letters should be mailed to Brookville Borough, 18 Western Ave., Suite A, Brookville, PA 15825 and Main Street project should be noted on the envelope.

A quick response could see planters filled with beautiful flowers on Main Street this summer. What a wonderful sight that would be.

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