SHARON —The Class AA Northwest Regional Wrestling gets underway today at Sharon High School with 35 wrestlers from the Tri-County Area hitting the mats in hopes of securing a trip to the state championships in Hershey.

That local contingent features a nice blend of regional veterans and first-time regional qualifiers, a group headlined by five returning state qualifiers in Brockway’s Garrett McClintick and Anthony Glasl, Brookville’s Colby Whitehill, Curwensville’s Blake Passarelli and Redbank Valley’s Mason Songer.

The area does not have a returning champ, as Brookville’s Caleb Hetrick and Curwensville’s Steven McClure graduated after winning in Sharon last year.

Glasl, Whitehill and Passarelli were all regional runner-ups last year, while McClintick and Songer placed third and fourth, respectively, at their weight classes to make it to Hershey.

Six champion are back in the field this year — Kane’s Alec English, Reynolds’ Beau Bayless and Gary Steen, Greenville’s Gavin Henry and Jacon McMaster and Cambridge Springs Tye Varndell.

Brockway, fresh off winning its first team crown at districts since 2003, leads the local contingent in Sharon this weekend with 10 qualifiers. Redbank Valley and Brookville enter the weekend with eight and seven qualiiers, respectively, while Johnsonburg pushed five through to Sharon. Ridgway and Clarion each have one regional qualifier.

Action gets underway Friday at Sharon, with the consolation finals and finals slated for 3:30 and 5 p.m., respectively, on Saturday.

Here is a closer look at each weight class for the regional tournament:

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106 pounds

A trio of area wrestlers dot the field at 106 led by Brookville freshman Owen Reinsel (30-3), the D-9 champ. Reinsel has bye into the quarterfinals and awaits the winner of bout between Jamestown’s Mitchell Headley (24-10, D-10 6th) and Cochranton’s Jack Martinec (23-4, D-10 4th).

Brockway freshman Mark Palmer (28-8, D-9 3rd) also in the top half of draw and faces Hickory freshman Cody Miller (24-11, D-10 7th). The winner gets D-10 runner-up Hunter Robinson (30-5) of General McLane.

Redbank Valley freshman Ridge Cook (22-10, D-9 4th) finds himself in the bottom of the draw where he wrestles Corry’s Lucas Munsee (27-10) in the first round. The victor earns a matchup with returning regional and state champ Gary Steen (34-1) of Reynolds.

113 pounds

Both local entants at 113 — Redbank’s Trenten Rupp and Brookville’s Cayden Walter — landed in the bottom half the draw.

Rupp (21-8), the D-9 champ, awaits the winner of a first-round bout between Reynolds’ Cole Bayless (20-10, D-10 6th) and Cambridge Springs’ Ayden Miller (2-10, D-10 4th).

Walter (25-8, D-9 3rd) battles Titusville’s Seth Donovan (35-10, D-10 4th) with they winner returning regional runner-up Andrew Brest (33-5, D-10 2nd) of General McLane. Walter and Rupp could meet in the semifinals.

The top half at 113 is headlined by D-10 champ Logan Jaquay (31-3) and D-9 runner-up Reese Vollmer (25-3) of Port Allegany. Jamestown’s Chase McLaughlin (28-3, D-10 5th), a regional runner-up last year, could face Jaquay in the quarterfinals.

120 pounds

The 120-pound field features two local wrestlers on opposite sides of the draw.

Redbank senior Brayden Altobelli (26-7. D-9 3rd), a regional returnee, is in the top half where he squares off against Jamestown’s Tyler Pfaff (19-14, D-10 7th). The winner moves on to face Titusville’s Hunter Thompson (35-3), the D-10 runner-up who is a three-time regional qualifier.

District 9 champ Braedon Johnson (31-1) also is in the top half.

Brockway’s Dom Inzana (22-6, D-9 4th) is on the other side of the draw and has a first-round date with Mercer’s Carson Filer (27-17, D-10 5th). The winner gets returtning regional champ and former state champ Beau Bayless (33-7, D-10 1st) of Reynolds.

126 pounds

The 126-pound bracket shapes up to be one of the toughest at this year’s tourney as it features four returning state qualifiers — three of whom hail from the Tri-County Area in Glasl, Passarelli and Redbank’s Mason Songer.

Glasl (31-1, D-9 1st) is in the bottom half where he will wrestle either Hickory’s Cater Gill (30-7, D-10 4th) or Saegertown’s Jaeden Reagle (26-11, D-10 6th).

Songer (30-4, D-9 3rd) also is in the bottom and faces Mercer’s Michael Berger (21-16, D-10 7th), with the winner getting D-10 runner-up Andrew Ischo (28-9) of Reynolds in the quarterfinals.

Passarelli (24-6, D-9 2nd) is in the top part of the draw and has a bye into the quarters where he faces either Union City’s Willim Burgess (28-4, D-10 3rd) or Fort LeBeouf’s Jonathon Ploss (18-14, D-10 8th).

District 10 champ Bryce Knauf (38-3) of Greenville also is in the top and awits winner of a bout between Brookville’s Parker Fleming (13-18, D-9 4th) or West Middlesex (Connor Haddon (30-12, D-10 5th).

132 pounds

Varndell (36-0), the D-10 champ, headlines the field at 132 and finds himself on the same side of the draw as Johnsonburg’s Nolan Shaffer (27-9).

Shaffer, the D-9 runner-up faces either Reynolds’ Kaeden Berger (27-9, D-10 3rd) or Union City’s Tallin Henry (27-12, D-10 8th). The winner of that bot will likely get Varndell in the semifinals.

Redbank junior Ethan Wiant (31-6), the D-9 champ, is in the top half of the bracket. The Bulldog has a bye into the quarters where he faces either General McLane’s Matthew Leehan (32-18, D-10 4th) or Eisenhower’s Gannon Jaquay (22-16, D-10 6th). Leehan is a returning regional runner-up.

Northwestern senior John Wheeler (30-4, D-10 2nd), a four-time qualifier, also in on Wiant’s side of the bracket.

138 pounds

Three local competitors are in the field ay 138, two of which are in the top half of the bracket.

Redbank senior Hunter Martz (7-6, D-9 2nd) has a bye into the quarterfinals where he faces either Reynolds’ Rocco Bartolo (29-11, 10 3rd) or Union City’s Judah Gardner (22-12, D-10 8th). Bartolo is a returning regional runner-up who placed third at states last year.

Johnsonburg’s Dalton Stahli (15-5, D-9 4th) battles Cochranton’s Justin Boozer (25-10, D-10 5th) in the top half, with the winner getting D-10 champ Alex Chess (34-3) or Mercer in the quarterfinals.

Brockway senior Tino Inzana (19-10, D-9 3rd)has a date with Grove City’s Logan Breese (16-10, D-10 7th) in the first round in the bottom half. The winner moves on to battle Saegertown’s Kenny Kiser (34-3, D-10 2nd), a returning regional runner-up.

145 pounds

The field at 145 has jut a handful of regional returnees, one of which is Curwensville’s Zach Holland (5-0), the D-9 champ. Holland awaits the winner of a first-round bout between Girard’s Marshall Marfinetz (27-9, D-10 4th) and Cochranton’s Kalob Brown (9-8, D-10 6th).

Returning state qualifier Caiden Mooney (27-7, D-10 2nd) of Northwestern also is in the top half along with Holland.

The area’s other entrant at the weight, Redbank’s Dalton Bish (16-9, D-9 4th) is on the other side of the draw and wrestles Titusville’s Jarrod Rodgers (21-12, D-10 5th). District 10 champ Jackson Spires (11-3) of General McLane awaits the winner of that bout.

152 pounds

The 152-pound field is filled with regional newcomersm including three wrestlers from the Tri-County Area.

Two of those — Johnsonbug’s Cole Casilio (32-3, D-9 2nd) and Brookville’s Jacob Cable (19-14, D-9 4th) — landed in the top half of the bracket.

Casilio has a first-round bye and awaits the winner of a bout between Commodore Perry’s Gage Musser (32-6, D-10 3rd) and Saegertown’s Landon Caldwell (17-15, D-10 8th).

Cable faces Grove City’s Daiveon Say (30-12, D-10 5th) in the first round, with the winner advancing to wrestle D-10 champ Mason Karpinski (41-2) of Greenville. Karpinski is a two-time qualifier.

On the other side of the draw, Ridgway’s Jake Wickett (14-11, D-9 3rd) battles Conneaut Area’s Brendan Laird (33-11, D-10 7th) in the first round. The winner of that bout gets Sharon’s Sully Allen (32-2, D-10 2nd), a two-time qualifier.

Kane’s Aiden Hulings (26-3), the D-9 champ, also is in he bottom half.

160 pounds

A trio of area competitors are in the draw at 160, with Brockway’s Bash (25-8, D-9 2nd) and Curwensville’s Cole Bressler (15-11, D-9 4th) landing in the bottom half. Johnsonburg’s Isaac Zimmerman (27-8, D-9 3rd) is on the opposite side.

Bash awaits the winner between Grove City’s Tyler Greer (32-9, D-10 3rd) and Eisenhower’s Alex Barnett (25-12, D-10 8th). Bressler faces Sharon’s Luke Gaston (25-8, D-10 5th) in the first round for the right to battle returning runner-up Peyton Hearn (34-2, D-10 1st) of Conneaut Area.

Zimmerman and Greenville’s Cole Karpinski (28-12, D-10 7th) lock horns in the first round in the top half, with Reynolds’ Hunter Thompson (25-10, D-10 2nd) waiting in the wings.

English, who won regionals at 152 last year, also in the top half of bracket.

170 pounds

Both local entrants at 170 fell in the top half of the draw.

Johnsonburg’s Tyler Watts (26-6, D-9 2nd) has a bye into the quarters and awaits the winner between Reynolds’ Cole Toy (26-10, D-10 3rd) and Cambridge Springs’ Jacob Jones (17-17, D-10 8th).

Brockway’s Andrew Hickman (19-17, D-9 4th) square off against Union City’s Marshall Vantassel (18-7, D-10 5th) for the right to battle D-10 champ Brady Gentille (38-3) of Greenville.

The bottom half features D-9 champ Ethan Finch (27-8) of Sheffield and Slippery Rock’s Elijah Hilliard (27-6), the D-10 runner-up.

182 pounds

Brockway’s McClintick (31-1, D-9 1st) is one of two returning state qualifiers at 182 along with Union City’s Gavin Henry (35-3, D-10 1st). Henry won a regional title at 170 last year, while McClintick was third at 182.

The Rover is in the top half and awaits the winner of a first-round bout between Franklin’s Holden Cook (25-12, D-10 4th) and Seneca’s Mickael McCurdy (22-9, D-10 6th).

Two-time qualifier Kalen Kamerer (28-4, D-10 2nd) also is in the top half.

A pair of area wrestlers are in the bottom along with Henry. Brookville’s Braden MacBeth (21-11, D-9 2nd) has a bye into the quarters and is likely to face Reynolds’ Bryce McClosky (23-5, D-10 3rd).

Redbank’s Hudson Martz (23-10, D-9 4th) battles Maplewood’s JD McFadden (30-7, D-10 5th), with the winner getting Henry in the quarterfinals.

195 pounds

Brockway’s Eric Johnson (28-6), the D-9 champ, is among the regional returnees at 195. The Rover awaits the winner of a first-round bout pitting Barrett Gentille (34-12, D-10 4th) of Greenville vs. Conneaut’s Austin Kelly (25-15, D-10 6th).

The returning state qualifier at the weight — Coudersport’s Eli Ayers (28-3, D-9 3rd) — is on Johnson’s side of the draw.

Clarion’s Tyler VanTassel (6-3, D-9 4th) finds himself in the top half with a first-round bout against Eisenhower’s Cael Black (30-8, D-10 5th). The winner gets D-10 champ Parker Harvey (35-6) of Titusville.

220 pounds

Both area wrestlers at 220 — Brookville’s Tanner LaBenne (20-10, D-9 2nd) and Brockway’s Justin Smith (13-8, D-9 4th) — are in the bottom half of the bracket along with Greenville’s Jacob McMaster (41-0, D-10 1st), the returning champ at the weight.

Smith wrestles Union City’s Tyler Hedderick (23-16, D-10 5th) to face McMaster. LaBenne has a bye into the quarters and waits to face either Maplewood’s Joey King (33-5, D-10 3rd) or General McLane’s Seth Yarger (26-16, D-10 8th.

The top half of bracket features Kane’s Ty Stahli (25-6), the D-9 champ, and Eisenhower’s Joseph Bauer (28-6, D-10 2nd).

285 pounds

Brookville’s Whitehill (32-0, D-9 1st) headlines the field at heayweight. The Raider finds himself in the bottom half, where he awaits the winner of a bout between Sharon’s Jordan Wilson (17-5, D-10 4th) and Slippery Rock’s Sen Northcott (14-6, D-10 6th).

District 10 runner-up Matt Long (32-5) of Union City also is in bottom with Whitehill.

The other area wrestler in the field — Brockway’s Hayden Thompson (16-9, D-9 2nd) is in the top half and also has a first-round bye. The Rover gets the winner between Girard’s Jordan Schell (27-6, D-10 3rd) and Greenville’s Max Wills (28-9, D-10 8th).

Wills is the only other returning state qualifier at the weight, while D-10 champ Derek Skeehan (26-3) of Reynolds — also int the top half — went to Hershey two years ago.

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