BROCKPORT — Brockport’s Chris Cella, owner the BC Boxing gym, has been involved with the sport of boxing for most his life and is currently preparing to put on the gloves one last to compete in a professional ring.

Cella, now 36, is scheduled to be part of the fight card for WFC 87 at the Meadows Casino in Washington, Pa., on May 19.

“I’ve been telling my wife (Becky) for nearly four years that each fight is my last, but this one ... I truly know it is,” said Cella, known as the Brockport Beast. “My three-year-old told me she misses me so much when I’m in the gym training, and I don’t want to miss any more time watching my babies grow up.

“May 19 in front of my friends and family, I plan on making a statement that us old guys still got it, and I promise to put on a show.”

For those not familar with Cella’s story, he is a native of New Jersey. He put his first set of gloves when he was 11 and eventual starting fighting at the amateur level, where he posted a record of 5-0.

However, he mostly spent his time working as a sparring partner and trainer rather than pursuing his own career inside the squared circle.

“Even when I wasn’t fighting, I stayed tight to the fight game,” said Cella “Besides training, I’ve done PR (public relations) work for Ray Mercer, Roy Jones Jr., Bobby Gunn and several other former world champions.”

Along the way, he met his wife Becky while covering an event in Atlantic City. The two eventually settled down in Brockway, Becky’s hometown.

Through his connections with Gunn, Cella got his start in legal Bare-knuckle boxing, and after putting together an unblemished record, successfully fought and won the middleweight BKB title in 2015.

Then at the age of 35, Cella wanted to make the move to professional prize fighting. Last year he fought twice, winning both contests by knockout, with the latter victory giving him the WBB Junior Middleweight belt.

“I was given a second chance to live out a dream of fighting pro, and I’ve made the most of it. Now as a husband and father of three, I know my time of throwing hands is coming to an end. But, I can’t wait for one more dance May 19 fighting locally in Pittsburgh (area).”

Cella has some added motivation in preparing for his final fight, as his son Mark and his friend Shea McKinney will be walking Cella to the ring.

Tickets for Cella’s last fight are available at his BC Boxing gym in Brockport or online at

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