DuBOIS — Throughout the years, there have been many words with the prefix “re” used to describe how teams will deal with an upcoming season — rebuilding, reloading and retooling are just a few.

However, it’s probably fair to say that “relocating” isn’t among them. Still, it may be an apt way to show how the DuBois Area High School girls soccer team has had to get ready for the 2018 season.

That’s because the Lady Beavers will have a new head coach in former boys basketball head coach Scott Creighton.

Creighton is less than six months removed from the hardwood of the gym where he spent 10 years at the helm of the Beavers, becoming just the second in school history to amass more than 100 wins.

While Creighton has spent the last 10 years with the boys program, he’s no stranger to women’s sports, working as an assistant with women’s basketball programs at both Clarion University and Oregon State.

His focus over that time may have primarily been basketball, but Creighton believes the things he brings to the table will work regardless of where they’re applied.

“We’re trying to establish a culture of trust, respect and togetherness and you’re going to see that same philosophy here,” Creighton said. “I think that’s important regardless of the sport. But, I think that this group in particular has been something that they’re grasped and have started to appreciate.”

Part of that likely started with his approach to switching sports.

“I think that the girls have appreciated my honesty in not coming in and acting like I know it all,” Creighton said. “But, at the same time, I think that they realize that I’m all in, too. I’m here to help them make us the best that we can possibly become.

“Whether that’s bringing in excellent assistants to help our staff or doing extra things to develop our team bonding, they’ve already seen firsthand that I’m walking it the way that I’m talking it.”

After capturing two-straight Class AAA titles, the Lady Beavers could find themselves with an uphill path after losing nearly 10 seniors to graduation and head coach Dave Martin.

However, Creighton is confident that he’s got a solid base on which to build.

“I think that Dave left a good foundation for us coming in,” Creighton said. “I think that we graduated something like eight seniors but the cupboard is far from bare. Whether or not we run similar or different formations has yet to be determined, but we’re trying to put our own stamp on things.

“On paper, maybe we’re not picked to be a favorite in any particular area. At the same time, I think I can tell by the girls’ attitudes that regardless of our record at the end of the year, that we’re going to be a good team and have a great experience this year.”

While the season creeps closer, DuBois still hasn’t quite settled on a starting lineup but a few have started to push up from the pack.

Junior Lilly Zimmerman, Isabella Beers and Kiara Tretheway along with freshmen Rylee Wadding and Stefanie Hoyt are among the possibilities to play up front, while seniors Brianna Nelson and Charlie Renwick, junior Felicity Enseki and sophomore Riley West could play in the midfield.

Seniors Karlee Leithner and Amanda August and sophomore Amanda Weber are likely to be back on defense.

Junior Emily Cherubini and freshman Kara Tilson are the likely candidates to play in net.

However, Creighton mentioned that several younger players could still find their way into the lineup.

“It’s a fun problem to have,” Creighton said. “The kids are still battling. And, we told them from the get-go that we could potentially change our lineup from game-to-game based on who we’re playing or the formation that we’re going to run.

“So, one game we might need an extra midfielder or an extra defender. But, it’s nice to have that flexibility to be able to bounce some people in and out.”

The Lady Beavers will open their season at the Indiana Tournament beginning Friday.


Seniors: Karlee Leithner, Brianna Nelson, Charlie Renwick, Amanda August.

Juniors: Isabella Beers, Felicity Enseki, Madisyn Ashenfelter, Lilly Zimmerman, Alexis Metzger, Kiara Tretheway, Emily Cherubini.

Sophomores: Riley West, Kyla Alker, Shaelinn Muth, Alexia Maxim, Jessica Brant, Natalie Zartman, Amanda Weber.

Freshmen: Rylee Wadding, Stefanie Hoyt, Riley Maxim, Kara Tilson.

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