It’s starting to get to be the time of the year that us sports reporters and fans call “the reason for the season.”

Basketball still has a couple weeks left to jockey for playoff positioning, but team wrestling is just one day away.

Now wrestling is about as much of an individual sport as there is out there besides maybe golf, but there is still something special about district duals.

From my own personal experience as a high school wrestler, I never got to wrestle in the District 6 Duals. While I was at Moshannon Valley High School, most of the time we were giving up at least four or five forfeits every match, meaning we were down about 24 or 30 points before any of our matches started. Because of having so little of a chance of winning dual meets, most of us at Mo Valley wrestled for ourselves and could not wait for individual districts.

However, every chance I could, I’d make my way to watch the district duals. I’ve seen them a couple times at District 6 and I’ve covered the D-9 duals a couple times.

I also once had the privilege of covering the PIAA Duals at the Giant Center in Hershey a couple years ago. If there’s a better venue or atmosphere for any high school sporting event in Pennsylvania, I’d like to see it.

I often wonder what it would have been like to have the opportunity to be able to compete in an event such as an intense district duals final or a tight match at the Giant Center.

To those competing at DuBois Area High School on Saturday, and to the select lucky couple teams that will be representing District 9 at the Giant Center for state duals, I hope they never take any of it for granted.


Super Bowl Sunday, the best day of the year for football fans, will be here in two days.

I figured I might as well make a prediction, because it’s probably just as good as anybody else’s guess.

Some say Sunday’s game could be a very good game. I say that’s possible, but I also think a blowout win for the Patriots also could happen.

It’s hard to bet against Tom Brady after what we saw the Patriots do last year.

Give me 31-24 Patriots.

I still bet that there’s still many people around here signing one-day contracts to be an Eagles fan on Sunday, including myself.

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Andy Stine is a sports writer for the Courier Express and Tri-County Sunday newspapers. He can be reached at

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