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Brockway’s Morgan Lindemuth (3) puts up a shot against Johnsonburg during a game last season. Lindemuth returns for her junior campaign as just one of three upperclassmen on the Lady Rovers’ roster.

BROCKWAY — There are certain benefits that come with anonymity and the Brockway High School girls’ basketball team is hoping that they can turn a few of those into some victories this season.

The Lady Rovers (3-19) struggled throughout last season thanks, in large part, to a diminutive roster and lack of experience.

While the size of Brockway’s roster hasn’t exactly exploded with 12 players, 10 which will suit up for varsity, it does allow the Lady Rovers the opportunity to do something that it hasn’t done in a few years –the ability play a higher tempo game by having a deeper bench.

That was certainly limited last season thanks to a roster that had just eight players with most playing both JV and varsity.

Brockway, with just three upperclassmen, also isn’t encumbered by a lot of attention that big-name players bring along with them.

But, despite the lack of upperclassmen, the Lady Rovers do come into the season with some quality floor time under their belts as their five starters are all returning players hauling nearly 30 points per game back to the lineup.

That starting five will likely include Macie Smith, the team’s only senior, along with junior Morgan Lindemuth and sophomores Selena Buttery, Danielle Wood and Ciara Morelli.

Junior Sarah Rosman, sophomore Morgan Carnahan and freshmen Madelyn Schmader, Madison Marzullo and Nyqal Baker should also play a part as the season progresses.

“I’m hoping to go maybe nine or 10 deep,” Brockway head coach Dick Esposito said. “But a lot of that will depend on the development of some of the freshmen.”

One thing the Lady Rovers hope will come from that is a much more diverse offense and a return to a quicker style of play on defense that has helped them in the past.

“A few years ago we kind of centered our offense around a couple people,” Esposito said. “This year, we don’t have to do that anymore. We have five good kids that we think are very capable of scoring.

“But we could also be a very tough defensive team this year,” Esposito added. “We’re quick enough to create some problems for other teams.”

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Another thing that Brockway hopes will contribute to a turnaround is the familiarity of the girls on the squad.

“One of the things that I like the most is that these girls are emphasizing playing as a team,” Esposito said. “They get along together extremely well and they do things together (off the floor) as well. Some of them have been playing together through middle school and ninth grade, in some cases, so they have a good understanding of the other girls’ strengths and weaknesses. And that’s a big thing with this group.”

The Lady Rovers will get a chance to see how those pieces fit together as they open the season against Clarion in the opening round of the Brockway Tip-Off Tournament Friday.


Seniors: Macie Smith. Juniors: Morgan Lindemuth, Sarah Rosman. Sophomores: Selena Buttery, Ciara Morelli, Danielle Wood, Morgan Carnahan. Freshmen: Madison Marzullo, Madelyn Schmader, Nyqal Baker, Jasmine Johnson, Shannon Lewis.

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