Giles-Noah Knarr preview pic

DuBois’ Corey Giles, front, slams home a winner at the net as teammate Noah Knarr watches from the baseline during their doubles match against DuBois Central Catholic last season. Knarr and Giles return and are among the five seniors new head coach Dave Martin will lean on to lead the way this season.

DuBOIS — While change is always a much-anticipated item with the coming of spring, there’s also something to be said for continuity.

The DuBois Area High School boys tennis team gets a little of both this season as it gets a new head coach while also returning seven players to its roster from a season ago.

Dave Martin will head up the program this season and should get a little help from the returning players which will feature five seniors in James Oberlin, Noah Knarr, Lucas Knarr, Corey Giles and Blaze Welpott.

Those five will join eight other first-year players including five sophomores, Ethan Knarr, Connor Hamby, Matthew McCullough, Keagan McCleary and Donald Crabtree, along with freshmen Zachary Johnson, Houston Hemke and Cody Jaconski on the roster.

“I’ve been so pleased with the dedication and time that these new players have given to the sport and toward the team,” Martin said. “They have improved tremendously and I’m impressed with their accomplishments.

“(At the same time) we’re so fortunate to have five experienced seniors on the team that offer the type of encouragement, leadership and work ethic that any coach would be proud of.”

While the early-season lineup will likely be senior-laden with Oberlin, the Knarrs and Giles filling the Nos. 1-4 singles roles, several others will vie for the final singles spot while the top two doubles teams will feature the top four players with the third coming from some mix-and-match options.

However, those spots will likely change as the season progresses.

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“It’s still early and the coaching staff expects shakeups and (challenges) by competitive players in the next few weeks,” Martin said. “Nothing is ever set in stone in this sport, so new players can move up and fill a seed or based on the needs at the time or (as their skills and abilities improve).”

DuBois is scheduled to open the season at home today against Hollidaysburg.


Seniors: James Oberlin, Noah Knarr, Lucas Knarr, Corey Giles, Blaze Welpott. Juniors: None. Sophomores: Ethan Knarr, Connor Hamby, Matthew McCullough, Keagan McCleary, Donald Crabtree. Freshmen: Zachary Johnson, Houston Hemke, Cody Jaconski.

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