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Jimbo Fisher laughs during his introductory press conference Monday at the Hall of Champions at Kyle Field. Fisher has been officially named Texas A&M football head coach.

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“I played [Alabama’s Nick Saban] every day. He was on defense, I was on offense. We went at it every day. Now, I’ve only have to do it once a year. We had our battles every day, they were fun. [But] I had to keep a job, when I was making $100,000 a year and you had to survive day-to-day, because you had to perform. It makes you better, competition makes you better. He made me a better coach by coaching with him. Hopefully, I made him a better coach on the other side going against him.”

— Jimbo Fisher on when he was the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at LSU under Saban

“Hey, I had a lot of sleepless nights, I can assure you of that. When he got on the plane [that’s when I knew he was coming]. It was like, I’m one of these paranoid guys it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. I was nervous ‘til then that’s for certain.”

— A&M athletic director Scott Woodward on when he knew Fisher would come.

“There is no No. 2 at Texas A&M. We don’t ever go to No. 2. We start with No. 1 and we always get with No. 1.”

— A&M president Michael K. Young on who was second on the list of potential head coaches.

“We’re on the verge of seeing a $75-million coach. We got the best in the country. I don’t know why anybody would pay more than we just paid.”

— Young on whether we’re about to see a $100-million contract for a college coach.

“I love the media, I love the interaction, I really do, to get the messages out. I love recruiting, I love the interaction. Sometimes, [with the media] we agree to disagree, but that’s the world you live in. The media part of the world, it’s great, it can be tough, but you’re doing your job. You got a job to do and we have a job to do. Sometimes, that interacts, your ability to try and get information and my ability not to give it. [Laughing]. That’s part of this world. I’m in the business of getting information, not giving it, you’re in the business of getting information. I understand that, we all have a job to do.”

— Fisher on his dealings with the media.


Jimbo Fisher took the side of Texas A&M in whether the Aggies should renew their rivalry with the University of Texas, saying he’s all for whatever benefits Texas A&M. … Fisher said he hadn’t talked to Kevin Sumlin, the man he replaced, and didn’t know if he would. … Fisher doesn’t believe it’s easier to win a national title in the Atlantic Coast Conference, his old league, vs. the Southeastern Conference, his new league. “This is a tremendous league, but that’s a tremendous league, too. I think football across the country, the parity is becoming crazy, I really do. There’s a multitude of teams that can win national championships in my opinion.” … Fisher said he had no intention of leaving Florida State until A&M came along. … Fisher brought his director of operations with him from FSU, Mark Robinson, who went to FSU in 2013 after spending five seasons at Arkansas as director of football operations and five at A&M (2003-07) as operations assistant.

This article originally ran on theeagle.com.

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