DuBOIS — It’s been said that discretion is the better part of valor and it’s an idiom that usually holds true.

It was also one that the DuBois Central Catholic High School girls’ basketball team (9-12) might have taken to heart before its 60-28 loss to unbeaten North Clarion Monday.

Knowing that they had their work cut out for them against the unbeaten She-Wolves and senior power forward Tori Obenrader, one of the top scorers in the district, the Lady Cardinals may have tried just a little too hard on defense and it cost them.

Both junior Ashley Wruble and sophomore Shayleigh Gulvas, two of DCC’s top defenders as well as scorers, got into some early foul trouble and opened a door that North Clarion was only too happy to step through.

While the duo still led DCC with 11 and 10 points, respectively, their time off the floor on defense became more and more noticeable as North Clarion turned a slim five-point lead during the first quarter into a 16-point advantage at the half and never looked back.

Not surprisingly, Obenrader was the big winner there as she took advantage to score 14 of her game-high 22 points in the first half, including 10 in the second quarter.

“Foul trouble and the personnel that we had on the floor had a lot to do with that,” DCC head coach Jordan Hoover said. “Shay picked up a couple quickies and Wruble ended up with three in the first half so basically our ideal defenders for her ended up in foul trouble. That led to an unfavorable run for us.”

But, North Clarion wasn’t just single-faceted on offense as sophomore Abby Gatesman put up 20 of her own to help shoulder the load.

That helped the She-Wolves early as DCC basically put the clamps on Obenrader early, holding her scoreless through nearly the entire first quarter.

However, once she got rolling, there wasn’t much to stop her as she all but took over the game in the second with her 10-point effort to help North Clarion take a 34-16 lead to the break.

While the lead didn’t grow quickly in the second half, it still grew steadily as North Clarion opened up a 23-point lead after three, then put the finishing touches on the victory with a 10-0 run late in the fourth.

DCC will wrap up its regular season as it travels to A-C Valley this evening.

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