DuBOIS — After being forced to forfeit half the season last year, the Penn State DuBois will be looking to build the program more in its second year of existence in 2018.

With a full 30-game schedule on their plate this season, with most of them coming on weekend doubleheaders, the Lady Lions have a lot to look forward to, including its new head coach Jason Kern, who was hired in October.

Like most college programs in the north, practice time can be hard this time of year, but PSU DuBois has made the most of it so far.

“It’s a struggle sometimes to get outdoors due to the weather, but we try to take advantage of any nice days we get these days,” said Kern. “If indoors, we utilize the gym for batting practice/fielding and we also use The Baseball Bank.”

With 11 players on the roster, a good portion of them come from the area, including DuBois’ Laura Fatula, Autumn Shaffer and Kyrsten Enseki; Brockway’s Morgan Uhl, Savannah Terwilliger and Adrianna Terwilliger; and St. Marys’ Rachel Schreiber. A couple more are from areas not far away from campus.

Kern has penciled in the lineup, at least in the early portion of the schedule. Adrianna Terwilliger will be the team’s starting pitcher, while Morgan Uhl is the catcher. Kern has turned regular fielders in Terwilliger, Fatula, Melody Young and Samantha Satterlee into pitchers.

Young is at first base, while Autumn Shaffer will be at second. Satterlee at shortstop and Fatula at third will round out the infield.

Schreiber, Cierra O’Shell and Koren McCullough will be the outfielders from left to right.

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Kern noted that power and a desire to succeed will be a couple of strengths for the team.

Although the team is young still in its second season, PSU-DuBois will still be playing to win throughout the season.

“The standard is to win, that doesn’t change,” said Kern. “It’s not fair to the current players to say, ‘Wait for several years until a recruiting class cycles in.’ They are working hard and we are working together to build this program and they are going to be the first to start the foundation.

“We are focusing on getting better at every practice and every game. We want the girls to concentrate on what they are doing, not what their opponents are doing. The coaching staff will handle all the opponent scouting for now so the girls can focus on being better than yesterday.”

Kern will be assisted by Lauresa Gulvas.

With weather permitting, Penn State DuBois will get the season started on Saturday as it visits Carlow University in Pittsburgh for a doubleheader. First pitch is set for noon, while the second game is tentatively slated for 2 p.m.


Seniors: Rachel Schreiber. Juniors: Koren McCullough, Adrianna Terwilliger, Melody Young. Sophomores: Samantha Satterlee. Freshmen: Melissa English, Kyrsten Enseki, Laura Fatula, Cierra O’Shell, Autumn Shaffer, Savannah Terwilliger, Morgan Uhl.

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