Marcy Schindler vs. Moniteau

Brookville’s Marcy Schindler, right, pulls down a rebound against Moniteau’s Aslyn Pry during the District 9 Class 3A title game.

BROOKVILLE — For Brookville Lady Raiders senior Marcy Schindler, it’s not about those 12 points between what she finished with and the coveted 1,000-point milestone. Not at all.

Statistically speaking, it’s what she wound up with that puts her in elite company among the past Lady Raiders basketball greats.

988 points, 827 rebounds and at least 167 blocked shots.

While Schindler ranks eighth on the team’s all-time scoring list behind the program’s seven 1,000-pointers, she’s now No. 2 on the list in career rebounds. Only all-time leading scorer Janice (Semeyn) Kindel has eclipsed those two marks with her 1,531 points and 1,051 rebounds.

The chase to 1,000 was there for Schindler throughout the season as the team tried to shake off a mid-season slump and get another shot at Moniteau in the District 9 Class 3A Championship game.

“I thought about it a little bit and I wanted to get to that achievement, but lot of kids are trying to get there (and don’t get to 1,000),” Schindler said Monday night. “I’m still pretty proud of everything that I’ve done, not just points but rebounds and steals and blocks. I’ve done so much other stuff that I can be proud of, even if I didn’t get to 1,000 points.”

Schindler averaged a team-high 14.3 points per game while grabbing a team-best 11.1 rebounds. She also blocked 61 shots, or 2.5 per game.

Schindler is only 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

“I worked my butt off every game and there were just a couple games where I was just going for that ball like some games I had like 15 plus rebounds,” Schindler said. “I don’t know if it’s anything specific that I’ve tried to do or like some kind of mindset that I get into, but I guess it’s just I’m really going hard and I just go for that ball.

“I’m not even the tallest on the team. I used to be, like in sixth grade, but I’m definitely not now. But it’s not all about height.”

It’s about positioning.

“We worked on it a lot in practice and just about every practice we did at least two or three rebounding drills and I’ve definitely worked a lot on my own, like trying to figure out where to be and how to position myself and how to box out people wherever the ball is going and all that,” Schindler said.

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The blocked shots — her 167 isn’t counting her unavailable total from her freshman year — likely puts her near the top of whatever the all-time list is as well. Piere Ondrasik, a 2002 graduate, is recognized as the all-time leader with 273. Again, Schindler stands at 5-9.

“I just always want to block their shots, but then I can get in foul trouble because of that so I think it’s just finding the right time to jump up with my hands straight up instead of coming down and fouling them and just keeping that balance so I don’t get myself in foul trouble,” Schindler said.

Schindler pulled down a career-high 22 rebounds in the Lady Raiders’ 49-43 win at West Shamokin on Jan. 6. It was one of the team’s signature wins as she added five blocks, but struggled shooting, going 3-for-10 from the floor and scoring just six points.

“I couldn’t really find the hoop that game but I was definitely able to like outlet it and Morgan Johnson had quite a lot of points in that game,” Schindler said. “And I’m glad that she was able to score when I couldn’t and vice versa.”

Johnson, who finished her career as well with over 900 points with 922, scored 19 points while Lauren Hergert finished with 13.

The Lady Raiders’ regular-season loss in overtime at Moniteau stung the team hard. Schindler had a huge game with 17 points, 11 rebounds and eight blocked shots — she had 15 points, eight rebounds and seven blocks by halftime — but she nor fellow starter Madison Johnson were around in overtime after fouling out as Moniteau celebrated a 55-54 win, relishing avenging its loss to the Lady Raiders in last year’s district final.

“Their whole student section just like flooded the court and we went to the locker room and our coaches were saying we’d better remember that feeling when we meet up with them again in the district playoff game. We don’t want that to happen again,” Schindler said. “So I think that kind of was burned into our heads. And we went into that first game and we were like ‘All right, this is going be easy.’ We had to work for it, but we’d done it before and we can definitely finish the game strong.”

In the D9 final at Clarion University, Moniteau forced overtime again with a last-second layup in regulation, but it was the Lady Raiders who prevailed, 64-58, for a third D9 title. Schindler’s line: 15 points, 15 rebounds, three steals and five blocked shots.

The season ended at 12-12 after a state playoff loss to Penn Cambria.

“It feels great,” Schindler said of the team’s three titles. “We’ve been playing together, the seniors have been together for how many years now? Our coaches we’ve had — Coach Mark and Amy Powell, Meaghan Volek, Jim and Chris Hill, they knew that our group had some special chemistry and once we got into high school, we realized we had something special and I’m really proud of everything that the team and I have done.”

Schindler is set to attend Clarion University this fall while majoring in Biology and doesn’t have any plans to play basketball.

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