DuBOIS — The new-look Showers Field has done nothing but provide a great place for local athletes to play the game of baseball while also drawing in different teams and organizations from across the country who wish to use the facility for the same purpose.

And, providing area players a proper place to play the game is what led Kenneth “Gamey” Showers to build the original Showers Field back in the late 1940s after leasing the land from the City of DuBois where the stadium sits today. Showers, known in DuBois as “Mr. Baseball,” used his own money to build the original field.

Five generations of the Showers Family came together Wednesday at the revamped Showers Field to be honored prior to the championship game of the Pennsylvania American Legion Baseball State Tournament.

Those on hand for the ceremony were John Showers (2nd generation); Ken Schaffer (3rd generation); Brian Mowrey, Scott Mowrey and Drew Buskirk (all 4th generation) and Jake Mowrey (4th generation). Other members of the family include Ted Showers (2nd generation) and Andy, Tim and Steve Schaffer (all 3rd generation).

Jake Mowrey, who just wrapped up playing for DuBois Post 17 in the state Legion tournament and also plays in the Federation League for Sykesville, is the youngest member of that group who extended the family tree to five generations who have now played baseball on Showers Field. The youngest Mowrey, who will be a senior at DuBois Area High School this fall, is not lost on the significance of Showers Field to his family.

“It’s pretty awesome and a cool experience that we got to do this today and come out in front of everybody,” said Jake Mowrey of Wednesday’s ceremony. “Not a lot of people realize my family is part of it (Showers legacy) too because we have a different last name. It’s cool come out here and have everyone realize this is our family’s field and probably one of the biggest things that my family has because we all are in love with baseball.

“I learned about it (family history) as I got older, but it wasn’t much of a shock to me because baseball is a big part of our family, especially with me and my dad (Brian) since I started playing when I was about five.

“I definitely feel a sense of pride every time I step on the field to play here. I get to go out and play on a great field that all turf, and not a lot of people get to do that. And now, we are (family) all here together to watch a great game (state legion title game).”

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After building Showers, “Gamey” Showers took care of the field, with his own money, throughout the 25-year lease he signed with the city. That lease was renewed in 1974, a year before “Gamey” Showers passed away. After his death, other family members continued to maintain the field at their own expense until that burden proved too much to bear.

At that point, the family turned the lease to Showers Field over to the DuBois Area School District to maintain with its high school team using the facility. Long-time DuBois coach Larry Mamula, who also was hand for Wednesday’s pregame festivities, played a key role in the uptake of Showers from there.

In 2013, the DuBois Area School District and City of DuBois entered into an agreement to rebuild Showers in what proved to be a multi-year process that resulted in the facility everyone sees today.

One can only imagine what “Gamey” Showers would think of his field now.

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