My degree from Thiel College is in media communications. People often ask me, ‘What is that?’ or ‘What can you do with that?’

Well, obviously journalism falls into that category. There is also television, behind the scenes stuff in television, radio, behind the scenes in radio, and even public relations.

I tried my hand in pretty much all of it in college. I enjoyed the writing part the most and decided that’s where I ultimately wanted to make my career.

I also had a job on campus with the television station in college, did a little bit of work for the school newspaper, did some public address announcing for the softball team and filmed the basketball teams’ games.

But the one thing I miss the most from my college days is the sports radio show I had on campus.

My freshman year, my good friend, Evan, saw a flyer around campus that the radio station (named Webcat Radio because the nickname for Thiel’s sports teams was the Tomcats) was looking for new shows.

Evan and I constantly talked about sports, so I said why not? Let’s do it.

It turned out to be the best extracurricular activity that I did in my college years, including being a part of the Tomcat football team. We called it, very simply, the Evan and Stine Sports Show.

We did the show once a week, I believe on Monday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. It was just like us talking sports in our dorm rooms, except we had listeners. And for a while, I really didn’t think people listened. But around our sophomore year, people had started to tell us how much they enjoyed listening to us.

We mostly talked sports, but if we got sick of hearing ourselves for a little bit, we brought our iPods and played some music we also liked. Basically a study break for two hours to just hang out and talk to people.

Today, I still enjoy sports radio. One of the highlights of my daily life is listening to the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on ESPN Radio. If I’m making a trip to Pittsburgh to go to a Pirate game or see some friends, I listen to sports talk radio in Pittsburgh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing in writing, especially on the sports side. But maybe someday, I’d like to try out the radio thing again.

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Andy Stine is a sports writer for the Courier Express and Tri-County Sunday newspapers. He can be reached at

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