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If you love the idea of supplying patients with quality medical assistance but aren’t crazy about working in the same environment every day, then you may want to consider becoming a travel nurse. Travel nurses work at temporary jobs in locations all over the country, usually for periods of a dozen weeks or so. Since […]

Even today, there are some unspoken double standards for women and men in the workplace. Sure, we’ve (hopefully) moved on from the worst of the Mad Men style of blatant sexism in the office, and these days you can find women working alongside men at all levels of an industry. Still, stereotypes and differences linger […]

So you sought out a job, went through the interview process, and got hired. Whoo hoo, so exciting! What's more, you even feel confident that you were the best out of the bunch of candidates. But all the same, maybe since you started you haven't been quite sure that your talents and particular skills are […]

Job interviews aren’t just a time for you to sit in the hot seat and be judged. They’re also an opportunity for you to vet the potential employer—to determine whether this company would be a good fit for you, and to make sure there aren’t any giant flapping red flags that should be telling you […]

You’re job searching and you got an offer. Congratulations, that’s great—no matter how you slice it. Downside? You don’t really want that job. Either you’ve been offered something better, or you’re holding out for a more appropriate opportunity to your skill level and experience. Whatever the reason, if you need to decline a job offer […]

Employers love to be vague about the salary they’re prepared to offer for any given position. You’ll often see “Commensurate with Experience” or “Dependent on Experience,” or other similar wordings. Basically, what you're offered will depend on where you came from and what you've worked on. You may look at such a job posting and […]

We all want to believe that the company we work for has our best interests in career development at heart. We want the company to be our friend, our rock, our resource. We want trust. But the truth is, when it comes to your company, you are the resource. And the only thing you can […]

Workplace insecurity is a thing—even for people who wouldn’t normally consider themselves “insecure.” Particularly for women, feeling less than on the job is a constant struggle—and usually, the feelings aren't even warranted. Help yourself diagnose the most common workplace insecurities and figure out how you can overcome them. You’ll be much more productive and fulfilled […]

You know how important the first impression is. That’s why it can be really easy to screw it up—even if you only screw it up by trying too hard. Here are a few ways to really make a belly flop of your first impression. Study them and make sure to pivot in another direction! 1. […]

We've been there: in a terrible state of mind, while people keep telling you to think “happy thoughts.” It's enough to drive you nuts. But hear us out: positivity and, yes, “happy thoughts” can actually have a major impact on your success in your career and your life—while negative thoughts, or in particular, “cognitive distortions,” […]

Do you find the idea of making a to-do list strangely daunting? If you’re one of those people who don’t naturally tend to the to-do list, you might need a little help or inspiration to get you started. Here are some of the best templates, options, and styles for you to try. The Old School […]

It’s hard enough to find a job that’s fit for an introvert—let alone acing an interview for one. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the interview advice out there, and feeling like you won’t ever quite be able to deliver? You don’t have to be extroverted or able to do things on the fly […]

You’re happy to have a job, of course. But are you really happy in your job? If you want the best of all worlds—i.e. to live to work rather than work to live, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself whether you are actually happy where you are—or whether you could be happier somewhere else, […]

So yes, we all know of Pinterest as the go-to place to design a wedding mood board or pin recipes to try for summer barbecues. But did you know that you can also it for your job search? On this the fastest growing social media network, you can either waste endless amounts of time pinning […]

Gossip happens. And there is always someone in every office who just can’t help but spread it. And of course, it can be fun. But it can be equally hurtful—and can damage careers—not just the person’s being gossiped about. How to take the high road? Here are a few useful strategies to keep your head […]

Snapchat might not be just for teenagers and your more ironically social media savvy friends. 39% of users are between the ages of 25 and 44. It is one of the fastest growing platforms out there—with over 200 million active users—and is being used more by companies to highlight their achievements, new products, company culture, […]