CLARION – The Clarion County Planning Commission granted final approval for three projects last Wednesday night, including an 11,772-square-foot adult day care center and a letter of support to Clarion Borough for the construction of a new 4,772-square-foot Sheetz store.

Clarion Trinity Development Co. requested final approval for Lot No. 15 at Trinity Point consisting of 9.2 acres for the LIFE — Northwestern Pennsylvania (LIFE-NWPA) adult day care center.

The new center will include a new paved parking lot area that will include 31 parking spaces. Access to Lot 15 will be made from the proposed easement from the cul-de-sac at the end of Township Route 654, North Point Dive.

“We are currently operational in four counties: Erie, Warren, Crawford and Mercer,” said Jay Breneman, director of Outreach and Governmental Relations. “We’re excited to move ahead with our expansion in Clarion, in accordance with state approval.”

The center will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“While we take care of seniors 24 hours a day, that’s just really the hub,” said Breneman. “Some seniors will go there for average day-type services such as socialization, meals and a clinic, but it will only be open 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.”

Brian Payer, director of External Facilities and Operations at LIFE, said the project would be completed by June 30.

“We’re mandated from our state guidelines to complete it by July 1,” said Payer. “The Department of Health Services determines our schedule.”

Additional background on the LIFE-NWPA centers, known nationally as the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), can be found on the group’s website,

LIFE-NWPA participants must be certified by the state to need nursing home care, according to the website. LIFE-NWPA participants may be able to delay or eliminate the move to a nursing home; in fact only about 7 percent of LIFE participants nationally reside in a nursing home. If a LIFE enrollee does need nursing home care, the LIFE program pays for it too and continues to coordinate the enrollee’s care.

The program is funded through Medicare and Medicaid state dollars.

WRC: Approval

To Build More Cottages

WRC also requested and received approval for a five-year extension of final approval for the remaining 25 cottages in Monroe Township.

“The applicant has completed the construction of five of the proposed 30 cottages at the WRC Villas at Water Run Development,” said County Engineer Kevin Reichard. “All utilities are in place at the five cottage lots. A time extension of five years was requested for the future construction of the 25 cottage lots that have not yet been constructed. No modification applications are being requested for this development and none appear needed.”

Sheetz Rebuilding

In Clarion Borough

The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed demolition of the existing Clarion Sheetz store and the construction of a new 4,772-square-foot building, and offered a letter of support. Clarion Borough has its own planning commission but requested the review from the county.

“The existing Sheetz store, a two-story house, a one-story block garage, and many structures and appurtenances are to be demolished,” reported Reichard. “A new 4,772-square-foot Sheetz store building is to be constructed which will be in the same approximate location as the existing building and also will be rotated 90 degrees clockwise.”

A total of 44 parking spaces will be added and the expansion includes additional property purchased by Sheetz behind the current store. Virtually all existing structures on the parcel will be torn down.

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