EAST BRADY – Homemade water vessels will take to the Allegheny River on Sunday, July 28 for the East Brady Area Riverfest’s Anything that Floats contest.

The race will begin at the Fish Commission public boat launch along Seybertown Road promptly at noon, and is free to enter.

According to event organizers, race rules include:

• The first rule is to be safe and have fun.

• All entries must check in by 10:30 a.m. at the judges table. Each vessel needs a ship name, captain and list of crew members.

• All participants must be at least 13 years of age. The entire crew must sign the enclosed waiver of responsibility. Participants between the ages of 13 and 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.

• U.S. Coast Guard approved ‘personal flotation devices’ (PFD’s, life jackets or vests) must be worn at all times during the race. No safety equipment will be provided by the race organizers.

• All captains and their crew must remain aboard their vessel for the duration of the race. Crews out of the vessel, swimming or dragging the craft will be immediately disqualified from the timed race.

• No animals are allowed on any vessel, and no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

• The race will occur rain or shine. Cancellation will only occur due to sever or dangerous weather/river conditions. Rescheduling of the event will be the decision of the East Brady Area Riverfest Committee.

• All boats must be homemade vessels powered by hand or foot. Vessels built from kits (i.e canoes, kayaks, etc.) are not permitted. Blow up mattresses will be allowed if decorated.

Materials allowed include cardboard, wood, PVC, duct tape, milk jugs, old T-shirts, outdoor furniture, old bikes and pool noodles. Oars, paddles and sails, as well as pedal power as mentioned are allowed. No motors of any kind are permitted.

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• All boats must have a minimum of two crew members and a maximum of 12.

• The race is timed. Depending on the number of participants, crews will be lined up at the start/finish line, proceed down river to a designated turning point, make a left and proceed up river back to start/finish line. At this time, other vessels will be prompted to begin the race in their group. There will be an official at the turn around buoy to verify all contestants properly negotiate the turn around.

• Emergency personnel will be in the water and on ground. Kayakers and pontoon boats will be in the water with throwable devices if needed.

• Prizes for the “Most Unique” and the “Fastest Vessel” will be awarded immediately following the race.

• Crews will be responsible for the cleanup of all trash and debris made by their craft and team. No remnants are to be left behind at the boat launch or in the water.

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