SHIPPENVILLE – The Clarion County Career Center recently completed Cancer Awareness month in October, which is when the annual “Coins for a Cure” campaign is conducted.

The students completed a fundraiser where they sold Daffins candy bars to raise money to donate to the Clarion Sunshine Project at the Cancer Center at Clarion Hospital. Coin containers were also placed in all the classrooms once again this year to allow students to contribute their loose change to the cause.

The total collected was $7,081.14, bringing the Career Center’s eight-year donation total to the Clarion Hospital Cancer Center to more than $31,000.

Two student assemblies (morning and afternoon) were held to announce the donation total. A group of students tried to guess what the donation amount was by arranging numbers similar to the “Price Is Right” TV show. The morning group guessed low with a $4,000 amount and the afternoon students reached for the sky by guessing an $8,000 amount.

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Tracy Myers, office manager at the Clarion Hospital Cancer Center, attended both assemblies to not only accept the donation, but to share with the students how these funds are used to help those fighting cancer. She read a few thank you notes from cancer patients, which were helped by the Clarion Sunshine Project.

All funds were donated to the Clarion Sunshine Project to help those experiencing financial needs while they are being treated for cancer.

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