Distant UTV

AN ANONYMOUS DONATION was used by the Distant Area Volunteer Fire Department to pay off a recently purchased utility vehicle.

DISTANT – A secret Santa just made the holidays a bit more merry and bright for the Distant Area Volunteer Fire Department.

According to a statement released by the fire department, firefighters were notified last week that a $9,300 cashiers check was mailed to the department via S&T Bank by an anonymous donor.

The fire department’s statement noted that “an unknown individual entered the bank and asked for the donation to be sent to the department with no means of knowing who the donor was.”

The donation made firefighters think back on their fundraising theme for the year, which is “It Takes a Village,” and which was part of the mailed newsletter campaign.

Earlier this year the department mailed company newsletters with the theme “It Takes a Village.”

“This gift donation is equivalent to a year of hard fundraising efforts by our department members,” officials said. “We want to share with the community the real impact of this donation. Our members voted unanimously to pay our loan for the new UTV300 in full. We had a remaining $10,066 balance on the loan we acquired to meet the match requirement for a Pennsylvania Department of Forestry Grant we had received in 2018.”

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The fire department said that many residents have already benefited from the purchase of the UTV300, which has been used on several deep rescue calls, brush fires, and the most recent flash flooding in New Bethlehem in July.

“All we can say is, ‘Thank you for your support,’” said the members of Distant Area Volunteer Fire Department. “You have rescued us from a significant monthly payment and made our fundraising efforts a success for 2019.”

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