CLARION – Despite a few high profile countywide races in Clarion County this spring, several borough, township and school district positions remain open for the May 21 Primary Election.

According to the unofficial list of candidates who have filed the necessary petitions to be included on the ballots in Clarion County, only a handful of municipal races will be contested in the Primary Election.

On the county level, however, local voters will have a choice this spring in the race for county Common Pleas Judge, commissioner, district attorney and Magisterial District Judge positions for regions 18-3-03 and 18-3-04.

The following lists of candidates were provided by the Clarion County Elections Office. Only races with candidates are listed here:


• Common Pleas Judge — Mark T. Aaron (D/R); Erich R. Spessard (D/R); and Sara Patton-Seidle (D/R).

• Commissioner — Ed Heasley (D); Wayne Brosius (R); Ted Tharan (R); and Kirke Wise (R).

• Prothonotary — Jeff Himes (R).

• Register/Recorder — Greg Mortimer (R).

• Treasurer — Tom McConnell (R).

• County Auditor — Pamela Zahoran (D); Sue Leonard (R); and Jolene Weaver Frampton (R).

• District Attorney — Maria Battista (R); and Drew Welsh (R).

• Magisterial District Judge 18-3-03 — Russell J. Cataldo (D/R); Melissa Fulton (D/R); Jarah Heeter (D/R); Garrett Tharan (D/R); Damien Avery (R); Michelle Magness (R); and Rodney L. Sherman (R).

• Magisterial District Judge 18-3-04 — Jeffrey C. Miller (D/R); and Michelle “Shelly” Ritzler (D/R).


Beaver Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — James Weeter (R).

Clarion Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Brenda Sanders Dede (D); LouAnn Steiner (D); and Carol Lapinto (R).

Clarion Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Bergen C. Dilley (R).

East Brady

• Borough Council (4-year) — Joseph D. Hillwig (D); and Barbara Mortimer (D).

Elk Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Keith Etzel (R); and Dave Polatty (R).

Foxburg Borough

• Borough Council (2-year) — Judy Fleming (D); and Rebecca Ann Gates (R).

Farmington Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — David Crise (R).

Hawthorn Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Jennifer Beamer (R); and Bryan Watkins (R).

Knox Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Linda Ann Runyan (D); Jack Bish Jr. (R); Harold E. “Bud” Price (R); and Carl S. Falser (R).

Knox Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Gerald D. Wolbert (D).

• Supervisor (4-year) — Linda Steiner Mander (R).

• Auditor (6-year) — Lee A. Dechant (R).

• Auditor (4-year) — William J. Schmader (R).

Licking Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Len M. Elder (R).

• Tax Collector (2-year) — Mendy M. Stewart (R).

Limestone Township

• Supervisor (2-year) — Rex B. Cyphert (D).

• Supervisor (6-year) — Eugene Smith (R).

• Auditor (6-year) — Bonnie Shovestull (R).

Madison Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Lanny Himes (R).

Millcreek Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Anne Andes (R).

Monroe Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Robert J. Lewis (R).

New Bethlehem Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Gordon Barrows (R); and Brian Fox (R).

Paint Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Jeffrey R. Corcetti (R).

Perry Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Terrence L. McGuirk (R); and Tom Thoads (R).

Piney Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Donald A. Wensel (D); and Albert John Myers (R).

Porter Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Jerry McCauley (R).

Redbank Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Kenneth Lee (R); and Douglas G. Minich (R).

• Auditor (6-year) — Stephen C. Allison (R); and Sharon Shreckengost (R).

Richland Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Steven J. Stewart (R); and Brian A. Sullivan (R).

• Auditor (6-year) — Cheryl E. Clinger (R).

Rimersburg Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Roger Crick (R); Pamela Curry (R); and Tim Yeany (R).

Salem Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Derek Wade (R).

Shippenville Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Paul R. Woodburne (D).

Sligo Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Michele Divins Elder (R).

• Mayor (2-year) — Jeremy R. Shumaker (R); and Suzie Wyant (R).

St. Petersburg Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Richard J. Feicht (D); William Dennis Logue (R); Barry F. Sullivan (R); and Judy Zerbe (R).

• Auditor (6-year) — Susan Diane Brosnahan (R).

Strattanville Borough

• Borough Council (4-year) — Jonathan Stants (D); Wesley Lander (R); and Karen Reddick (R).

• Borough Council (2-year) — Richard M. Thompson (R).

Toby Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Daniel P. George (R).

• Supervisor (4-year) — Darrell Horner (R).

Washington Township

• Supervisor (6-year) — Eric Bauer (D).


Allegheny-Clarion Valley

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — Carrie L. Armagost (R).

• School Director (Region IV, 4-year) — Susan Marron (D).

• School Director (Region V, 4-year) — Jameen Stump (D/R).

• School Director (Scrubgrass Twp., 4-year) — Meghan Cratty (R).

Clarion Area

• School Director (4-year) — Todd Bauer (D/R); Hugh D. Henry (D/R); Todd MacBeth (D/R); and Sara A. Robertson (D/R).


• School Director (Region I, 4-year) — Joe Billotte (D/R); Scott M. Rowan (D/R); David W. Eggleton (R); and Lee Stewart (R).

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — Robin Henry (D/R); and Nathaniel C. Parker (D/R).

• School Director (Region III, 4-year) — Rebecca Allison (D/R); Corry Bish (D/R); and Molly Greenawalt (D/R).


• School Director (Region I, 4-year) — Dustin L. Swartfager (D/R); and Dwayne VanTassel (R).

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — James Beary (D/R); and Kenneth L. Swartfager (D/R).

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — Gregory Barrett (D/R).

North Clarion

• School Director (Region I, 4-year) — James J. Shaftic (R).

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — Gretchen McCord Wolbert (D/R); and Matthew Higgins (R).

• School Director (Region III, 4-year) — Scott B. Daum (D/R).

Redbank Valley

• School Director (Region I, 4-year) — William W. Reddinger (D/R); and Jason R. Barnett (R).

• School Director (Region II, 4-year) — Dee Bell (D/R); and Donald Nair (D/R).

• School Director (Region III, 4-year) — Ann T. Kopnitsky (R).


• School Director (4-year) — Shelly Atzeni (D/R); Brenda G. Brinker (D/R); William “Bill” Coradi II (D/R); and Jeffrey A. Kriebel (D/R).

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