CLARION and KITTANNING – The races to fill three county commissioner positions, along with a long list of borough, township and school director posts, will highlight the Tuesday, Nov. 5 general election in Clarion and Armstrong counties.

In Clarion County, incumbents Ted Tharan (R), Wayne Brosius (R) and Ed Heasley (D), along with challenger Braxton White (D) are vying for the three county commissioner titles. Voters will be asked to select two candidates, with the top three vote-getters winning the offices.

Armstrong County’s commissioners race features incumbents Pat Fabian (D) and Jason Renshaw (R), along with challengers Anthony G. Shea Jr. (D) and Don Myers (R).

Election officials are expecting a slightly higher than usual turnout this year, considering it is a municipal election. Both counties reported that requests for absentee ballots are up this year, which could translate into an increased interest in next week’s election.

Armstrong County Elections Director Jennifer Bellas said the increased interest may be due to the overall greater interest in elections, stemming from the round-the-clock news coverage of next year’s presidential race.

Regardless, Bellas said she expects voter turnout to be between 38 and 40 percent in Armstrong County.

While voters in Clarion County will not see any changes at the polls for this year’s election, Bellas said that Armstrong County voters will have the opportunity to use the county’s new polling machines, which have brought back the paper ballots.

“The check-in process will be exactly the same,” she noted, explaining that voters will then be given a paper ballot where they will be asked to fill in the ovals next to the candidates of their choice. Once completed, the ballots are inserted into a scanning machine which tallies the votes and records an image of each ballot cast.

Bellas also said she is still seeking poll workers for the Redbank Township (Armstrong County) precinct. She said that anyone willing to work the poll should call her as soon as possible at (724) 548-3222.

Clarion County Elections Director Cindy Callihan said that voters here will use the current machines this year, but will likely see new machines in place for the primary election.

“Our machines are all tested and ready to go,” she said.

In addition to the commissioner races, Clarion County voters will also elect a new judge of the Court of Common Pleas, with Sara Seidle-Patton (D-R) the only candidate on the ballot, as well as a new district attorney, with Drew Welsh (D-R) as the only candidate.

Other county row offices to be elected include: Prothonotary, Jeff Himes (R); Register and Recorder, Greg Mortimer (D-R); Treasurer, Tom McConnell, (D-R); and County Auditors, Pamela Zahoran (D), Sue Leonard (R) and Jolene Weaver Frampton (R).

Voters in southern Clarion County will also elect a magisterial district judge based in the New Bethlehem District, with Jeffrey C. Miller (D-R) as the only candidate.

County-wide races in Armstrong County include those for controller and treasurer. Incumbent Myra Tammy Miller (R) and challenger Calvin Creighton (D) are running for controller. Incumbent Amanda C. Slagle-Hiles (R) and challenger Jean R. Stull (D) are running for treasurer.

Also on the county level are uncontested races for prothonotary with Brenda C. George (R) running for re-election, and register and recorder with incumbent Marianne Hileman (R) seeking re-election.

Other candidates on the ballots in southern Clarion and northern Armstrong counties include:


Clarion Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — LouAnn Steiner (D), Brenda Sanders Dede (D), Carol Lapinto (R) and Zachary Garbarino (R).

• Mayor (Vote for 1) — William G. Miller (D) and Brett Whitling (R).

Clarion Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Bergen C. Dilley (R).

East Brady Borough

• Council (Vote for 4) — Joseph D. Hillwig (D/R), Barbara Mortimer (D/R) and Dennis King (D/R).

Hawthorn Borough

• Council, 4-Year (Vote for 3) — Jennifer Beamer (R) and Bryan Watkins (R).

Licking Towhship

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Len M. Elder (R).

• Tax Collector (Vote for 1) — Mendy M. Stewart (R).

Limestone Township

• Supervisor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Eugene Smith (R).

• Supervisor, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Rex B. Cyphert (D).

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Bonnie Shovestull (R).

Madison Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — John Buzard (D) and Lanny Himes (R).

Monroe Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Robert J. Lewis (R).

• Auditor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Amy Hockins (R).

New Bethlehem Borough

• Council, 4-Year (Vote for 3) — Gordon Barrows (D/R), Scott Barrett (D/R) and Brian Fox (R).

• Council, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Sandra C. Mateer (R).

Piney Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Donald A. Wensel (D) and Albert John Myers (R).

Porter Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Jerry McCauley (D/R).

Redbank Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Kenneth Lee (D/R).

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Stephen C. Allison (R).

Rimersburg Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — Roger Crick (R), Tim Yeany (R) and Pamela Curry (R).

Sligo Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — Michele Divins-Elder (R), Kerry Graham (R) and Todd Andy Wiser (R).

• Mayor, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Jeremy R. Shumaker (R).

Toby Township

• Supervisor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Daniel P. George (R).

• Supervisor, 4-Year (Vote for 1) — Darrell Horner (R).


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Bradys Bend Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — James A. Mortimer (R).

Madison Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Kevin Crissman (R).

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Cheryl McCullough (R).

Mahoning Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Keith Schreckengost (D).

• Tax Collector (Vote for 1) — Marcie Wynkoop.

Redbank Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Neal Burford (R).

South Bethlehem


• Council (Vote for 4) — Allen W. Dawson Sr. (D), Michael D. Tharan (R), Cameron James Travis (R) and James A. Travis (R).

Wayne Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — C. Ross Grooms (R).

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Robert W. McIntire (R).


Clarion Limestone

• Region I (Vote for 2) — Joe Billotte (D/R), Scott M. Rowan (D/R) and David W. Eggleton (R).

• Region II (Vote for 1) — Nathaniel C. Parker (D/R).

• Region III (Vote for 2) — Rebecca Allison (D/R) and Corry Bish (D/R).

Karns City

• At Large (Vote for 5) — Brenda Ealey (D), Matt Bishop (D/R), Bryan Fleeger (D/R), Joshua Price (D/R), James D. Friters (D/R) and Dennis C. Kelly (R).

Redbank Valley

• Region I (Vote for 2) — William W. Reddinger (D/R) and Jason R. Barnett (R).

• Region II (Vote for 2) — Donald A. Nair (D/R) and Dee Bell (D/R).

• Region III (Vote for 1) — Ann T. Kopnitsky (R).


• At Large (Vote for 5) — Jeffrey A. Kriebel (D/R), Brenda G. Brinker (D/R), William Bill Coradi III (D/R), Shelly Atzeni (D/R) and Tressa Smith (D/R).

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