RIMERSBURG – Rimersburg Borough Council brought its membership back up to a full complement of seven council members with the appointment of local businessman Tim Yeany on Monday night.

Yeany, who operates the Rimersburg Mercantile antique shop along Main Street, will serve until the end of the year in a seat previously held by council member Lark Palm, who stepped down from the position last month.

The council began Monday’s meeting with nominations for the vacant post. Member Pam Curry said that she had talked with three residents who were each willing to finish out Palm’s term, but only two who said they would also be interested in placing their name on the election ballots this year.

Curry said that Yeany and Matt Davis both said they would run for the office, while John Corsini said he would fill in for the remainder of the year only.

“All three are very qualified,” council president Roger Crick said, lamenting the fact that the council would go from having three female members just a short time ago, down to one woman. He also said he had hoped some younger residents would have shown an interest in the open seat since Palm was among the group’s younger members.

Member T.L. Stewart nominated Yeany for the position, noting that Yeany operated a business in town, would likely be available since he worked in town, and he has shown over the years that he loves the Rimersburg community.

After the unanimous vote to approve Yeany, he was contacted and arrived at the meeting only minutes later. Although he could not be sworn into office due to Mayor Ken Corle’s absence, Yeany took part in discussions but could not vote on agenda items.

Yeany noted that he had run for a council seat years ago, and that he was honored to be selected for the position.

In other business at the Feb. 4 meeting, the council approved the 2019 contract with New Bethlehem Borough for police services in Rimersburg. Members accepted the contract, changing one section to make it more clear that it was New Bethlehem’s responsibility to provide liability insurance for the police.

Councilman Scott Myers, who oversees the police committee, said that the borough has been pleased so far with new police chief Robert Malnofsky and the services provided over the last several months under his watch.

New Bethlehem Police Sgt. Dan Clark gave a brief report to the council, noting that during the previous month, officers issued five citations in Rimersburg during 14 traffic stops, while also handling one incident involving drugs, one domestic dispute, one sexual assault and one retail theft.

Other Business

• Attorney Sara Seidle-Patton, a candidate for judge in the Clarion County Court of Common Pleas, visited the council to introduce herself and ask for their support in the upcoming election.

• The council approved the purchase of new computers for borough secretary Dana Solida and maintenance supervisor Frank McNaughton at a cost of $3,974. Members also authorized the purchase of eight Chromebooks at a total cost of around $2,400 that will be used by council members as well as members of the Rimersburg Municipal Authority at meetings.

• Unanimous approval was given to the borough’s revised Act 537 Plan, which will be submitted to the state Department of Environmental Protection as a first step in plans to upgrade the community’s wastewater treatment plant.

• The council agreed to share the cost of the replacement of a new Rimersburg Community Building door with the Rimersburg Hose Co.

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