CLARION and KITTANNING – It was a good night for the incumbents in the Clarion and Armstrong county races for county commissioner posts.

In yesterday’s general election, all three incumbent commissioners in Clarion County — Wayne Brosius, Ted Tharan and Ed Heasley — won re-election.

The two incumbents seeking re-election as county commissioners in Armstrong County also were victorious.

In Clarion County, Brosius, a Republican, was the top vote-getter in the four-way race to fill the three commissioner posts. He finished the night with 5,317 votes, followed in second by fellow Republican Tharan with 5,161 votes votes and Democrat Heasley with 2,595 votes votes. Democratic challenger Braxton White ended the night only 50 votes short with 2,545 votes.

In Armstrong County, Republican newcomer Don Myers finished first in the running with 8,132 votes, followed by incumbent Republican Jason Renshaw with 8,007 votes. Incumbent Democrat Pat Fabian pulled out a victory with 5,148 votes as Democratic challenger Anthony Shea Jr. finished with 4,542 votes.

In other countywide races, Clarion County voters elected Sara Seidle-Patton as the first woman to hold the position of the county’s judge of the Court of Common Pleas. After defeating current District Attorney Mark Aaron in the primary, Seidle-Patton was unopposed on yesterday’s ballot for the judicial seat.

Also unopposed, Drew Welsh was elected to his first term as Clarion County district attorney, while prothonotary Jeff Himes, treasurer Tom McConnell and register and recorder Greg Mortimer won re-election.

District judge candidates Jeffery C. Miller (New Bethlehem) and Jarah Heeter (Knox) were also unopposed for their respective offices and were elected.

Armstrong County voters had a few more races on the county ballots this fall, as incumbent Republican Myra Miller won re-election as county controller, topping challenger Calvin Creighton 10,393 votes to 3,614 votes. Also, incumbent Republican Amanda Slagle-Hiles won re-election to her seat as county treasurer with 10,192 votes over Democratic challenger Jean Stull who garnered 3,934 votes.

In unopposed races, prothonotary Brenda George won re-election, as did register and recorder Marianne Hileman.

All votes are unofficial until certified by the county’s election returns board. Write-in votes will also be tabulated in the coming days.

The following municipal results were posted last night for each county:


Clarion Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — LouAnn Steiner (D), 393 votes; Brenda Sanders Dede (D), 408 votes; Carol Lapinto (R), 428 votes; and Zachary Garbarino (R), 398 votes.

• Mayor (Vote for 1) — William G. Miller (D), 346 votes; and Brett Whitling (R), 371 votes.

Clarion Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Bergen C. Dilley (R), 384 votes.

East Brady Borough

• Council (Vote for 4) — Joseph D. Hillwig (D/R), 136 votes; Barbara Mortimer (D/R), 131 votes; and Dennis King (D/R), 142 votes.

Hawthorn Borough

• Council, 4-Year (Vote for 3) — Jennifer Beamer (R), 82 votes; and Bryan Watkins (R), 74 votes.

Licking Towhship

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Len M. Elder (R), 88 votes.

• Tax Collector (Vote for 1) — Mendy M. Stewart (R), 94 votes.

Limestone Township

• Supervisor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Eugene Smith (R), 469 votes.

• Supervisor, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Rex B. Cyphert (D), 385 votes.

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Bonnie Shovestull (R), 475 votes.

Madison Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — John Buzard (D), 56 votes; and Lanny Himes (R), 77 votes.

Monroe Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Robert J. Lewis (R), 300 votes.

• Auditor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Amy Hockins (R), 311 votes.

New Bethlehem Borough

• Council, 4-Year (Vote for 3) — Gordon Barrows (D/R), 151 votes; Scott Barrett (D/R), 87 votes; and Brian Fox (R), 88 votes. There were also 107 write-in votes cast.

• Council, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Sandra C. Mateer (R), 107 votes. There were also 33 write-in votes cast.

Piney Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Donald A. Wensel (D), 33 votes; and Albert John Myers (R), 51 votes.

Porter Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Jerry McCauley (D/R), 344 votes.

Redbank Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Kenneth Lee (D/R), 325 votes. There were also 27 write-in votes cast.

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Stephen C. Allison (R), 330 votes.

Rimersburg Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — Roger Crick (R), 145 votes; Tim Yeany (R), 149 votes; and Pamela Curry (R), 145 votes.

Sligo Borough

• Council (Vote for 3) — Michele Divins-Elder (R), 97 votes; Kerry Graham (R), 101 votes; and Todd Andy Wiser (R), 103 votes.

• Mayor, 2-Year (Vote for 1) — Jeremy R. Shumaker (R), 101 votes.

Toby Township

• Supervisor, 6-Year (Vote for 1) — Daniel P. George (R), 135 votes.

• Supervisor, 4-Year (Vote for 1) — Darrell Horner (R), 141 votes.


Bradys Bend Township

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• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — James A. Mortimer (R), 166 votes.

Madison Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Kevin Crissman (R), 162 votes.

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Cheryl McCullough (R), 173 votes.

Mahoning Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Keith Schreckengost (D), 194 votes.

• Tax Collector (Vote for 1) — Marcie Wynkoop, 205 votes.

Redbank Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — Neal Burford (R), 133 votes.

South Bethlehem


• Council (Vote for 4) — Allen W. Dawson Sr. (D), 50 votes; Michael D. Tharan (R), 63 votes; Cameron James Travis (R), 56 votes; and James A. Travis (R), 61 votes.

Wayne Township

• Supervisor (Vote for 1) — C. Ross Grooms (R), 232 votes.

• Auditor (Vote for 1) — Robert W. McIntire (R), 248 votes.


Clarion Limestone

• Region I (Vote for 2) — Joe Billotte (D/R), 418 votes; Scott M. Rowan (D/R), 274 votes; and David W. Eggleton (R), 352 votes.

• Region II (Vote for 1) — Nathaniel C. Parker (D/R), 465 votes.

• Region III (Vote for 2) — Rebecca Allison (D/R), 109 votes; and Corry Bish (D/R) 61 votes.

Redbank Valley

• Region I (Vote for 2) — William W. Reddinger (D/R), 360 votes; and Jason R. Barnett (R), 409 votes.

• Region II (Vote for 2) — Donald A. Nair (D/R), 408 votes; and Dee Bell (D/R), 400 votes.

• Region III (Vote for 1) — Ann T. Kopnitsky (R), 388 votes.


• At Large (Vote for 5) — Jeffrey A. Kriebel (D/R), 672 votes; Brenda G. Brinker (D/R), 642 votes; William Bill Coradi III (D/R), 600 votes; Shelly Atzeni (D/R), 555 votes; and Tressa Smith (D/R), 584 votes.

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