EAST BRADY – In an effort to reduce congestion created by parked vehicles, East Brady Borough Council is considering the possibility of making a popular borough street one way.

During a meeting last week, councilman Denny King suggested the council once again look into the possibility of making Robinson Street one way equipped with angled parking for individuals using the community center.

“We’ve talked about it before, but we don’t know if it’s wide enough,” King said of the street which runs along the upper side of the community center. He explained that the street can become very crowded with parked cars — especially when there is an event at the community center — making it difficult for other vehicles to pass through.

“Like tonight, for example, there are vehicles going both ways and some have their high beams on,” he continued.

Although he agreed with King’s concerns, councilman Joe Hillwig questioned whether the borough would lose parking by using angled parking instead of parallel parking along Robinson Street.

King said he believed the angled spaces would create just as many, if not more, parking spaces for community center users.

“I think we would get just as many spaces and it would save us a lot of problems,” he said.

Following the discussion, council members unanimously agreed to have the borough engineer investigate whether or not more parking could be created with angled parking spaces.

Also during last week’s meeting, the council unanimously agreed to compose a letter stating the borough’s opposition to new state legislation which would put all municipal water and wastewater systems under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

“The state does not have the wherewithal to oversee 1,000 new municipal sewage and water systems, of which we [East Brady] would be one,” East Brady Mayor John Klein said, urging the council to state its opposition to the proposed legislation to avoid future problems and to “save our own skins.”

In other business during the Nov. 21 meeting, council president Barb Mortimer announced that after numerous appeals, a longstanding lawsuit with Gibson-Thomas Engineering has been settled, with the borough receiving $650,000.

Using the settlement money, East Brady paid an outstanding balance of $593,351 to the contracting firm MB&R, leaving the borough with $56,648. The council also agreed to transfer $10,000 to the general fund which was borrowed to cover legal expenses.

Councilman Bill John thanked all those involved for the “countless hours” that were volunteered to bring this lawsuit to a close.

Other Business

• The borough’s final budget for 2018 in the amount of $1,202,843 was approved. The tax ordinance was also approved, and includes a 1 mill tax increase in the street light tax bringing the total millage to 22 mills.

• Meeting dates for 2018 were also formally approved. Meetings will be held first Tuesday of each month, and the third Tuesday of each month if needed. The first regular and biennial reorganization meeting of 2018 will be held on Jan. 2.

•A motion to purchase stainless steel step bars and a mat for the bed of the borough’s new truck to protect it from salt this winter was also approved. The purchases will cost a total of $340.

• Jan. 21-27 was proclaimed “School Choice Week.” The proclamation was the request of the Pennsylvania Family Council.

• The council received a notice from the Liquor Control Board regarding the transfer of the liquor license from the River’s Bend Bar to its new name, River’s Edge.

• Council members agreed to get a cost estimate from a local contractor to repair/replace the salt shed which recently sustained wind damage. An insurance claim has been filed.

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