EAST BRADY – Drainage issues along Waterway Lane have two East Brady groups considering a project to improve the condition of the roadway.

At their regular meeting last week, East Brady Borough Council members noted that they had received a quote from Jace Hile of Hile’s Excavating for work to repair a water drainage issue along Waterway Lane.

“This is just for excavation work,” council president Barb Mortimer said of Hile’s estimate, noting that an additional cost for stone to be placed on top of the road would have to be considered.

According to borough secretary Susan Buechele following the meeting, Waterway Lane is part of the land owned by the Shady Shores Development, however, the borough and the Armstrong Trail have rights-of-way to use it.

“The borough has a right-of-way to use it so we can get to our wells and to Riverfront Park,” Buechele explained. “It’s also part of the trail.”

Buechele continued that because water crosses the road about halfway down the roadway, drainage has always been an issue along Waterway Lane. The trail group would like to improve the road to make it more usable for bike and foot traffic, while the borough wants to improve it to allow for better access to the park.

While Mortimer explained that the borough most likely couldn’t foot the entire bill for the road work, she said that it could potentially “pay for a small portion of it.”

“It’s on hold right now until the trail, borough and homeowners association can get together and come up with something that’s satisfactory for everyone,” Mortimer said of the potential project.

No additional information on the bid from Hiles Excavating was released because other bids for the project are expected. No action was taken on the matter.

In other business during the March 6 meeting, council members discussed the possibility of switching service providers for the SCADA system at the water plant.

The SCADA system, according to council, is made up of sensors that detect water pressure levels and when someone starts and stops pumping water from the plant.

“All of that information is calculated automatically through the computer,” councilman Joe Hillwig said.

Even though the Petroleum Valley and Rimersburg area water authorities can view the results of the SCADA system remotely, Mortimer noted that only East Brady has the authority to make changes to the system itself.

Although the borough currently has a two-year $5,500 contract with Lanco for wellness checks on the program, Mortimer said that CWM, which operates the plant, has been working with HCS to iron out some ongoing issues with the system.

“It seems like we are always spending money on Lanco, but there are issues that have not been caught when they do the checks,” she said, explaining that it often costs the borough $135 per hour for Lanco to work on issues with the system either remotely or in person. “[HCS] has been handling any problems we’ve had.”

Mortimer said that HCS — which also provides services to the East Brady sewage treatment plant — is cheaper than Lanco and would not require a contract if the borough were to use the company as its service provider.

While council members said they didn’t think changing the SCADA’s service contractor would have any affect on how the system works in East Brady or the borough’s bulk water customers, Hillwig noted he still felt that it was very important to keep Petrolia and Rimersburg water officials in the loop if any changes were to be made.

“I would be in favor of changing...[but] I want assurance from HCS that anything we do does not affect the system in Rimersburg or Petrolia,” he said, adding that ultimately he believes choosing the right system service contractor should be at the discretion of the plant operator. “I just think we need to make sure that we take every step to inform everyone about whatever we do so it’s not a surprise.”

The council made no final decision on the matter.

Other Business

• Approval was given for borough employees to purchase all the necessary supplies to repair a storm sewer at the intersection of Ferry and Robinson streets that is clogged with roots. The issue is causing the water to overflow and run down Ferry Street.

• Mortimer said that the borough received a quote from Darwin Burtner in the amount of $11,250 to construct a 24-foot-by-30-foot pavilion on the slab at the Riverfront Park.

The East Brady Area Development Corporation has agreed to donate $10,000 toward the placement of the pavilion.

“That quote is definitely in range, especially if [EBADC] does some extra fundraising,” Mortimer added.

• After receiving an anonymously signed letter regarding borough employees, council members said they will not respond or hold merit to any letters that are received without a signature.

• An Easter Egg hunt will be held at the Community Building on Saturday, March 17 at 11 a.m. The hunt will take place in the gym and locker room, or outside around the building if weather permits.

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