SLIGO – A Sligo-area project was among a dozen projects across the state that received funding last week.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced April 18 the investment of $60 million for 12 drinking water, wastewater, and non-point source projects across 12 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST), including a $1,031,239 low interest loan to Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for construction of a sewer line from Clarview to the Sligo Borough Authority.

A 7,000 linear foot line will be buried within portions of Piney Township and Sligo Borough, connecting Clarview with Sligo’s wastewater treatment plant.

“I think it opens a lot of possibilities for us,” said Clarview board member Terry George. “The possibility for expansion and the replacement of our existing private sewer system should provide opportunities for growth. The loan was significant to us because if we didn’t get that, we would have had to go to another place and it would have been much more expensive. The loan will be 1 percent the first five years and after that 1.73 percent.”

The construction of a sanitary sewer conveyance system will transport sanitary sewage from the Clarview complex to the existing Sligo Borough public collection system.

“The project will consist of the installation of approximately 7,000 linear feet of pressure sewer line using horizontal directional drilling within portions of Piney Township and Sligo Borough,” said EADS Project Manager Zachary Sansom. “The entire sewer line will be installed within state and township road rights-of-way, except for a small portion of Clarview’s property. The existing wastewater treatment plant owned and operated by Clarview will be decommissioned by the contractor following installation of the proposed sanitary sewer system.”

The Clarview system was dated, George said, noting he was told it would cost about $1 million to update it. To do so, he said, would still leave Clarview with the same system for which it would remain responsible.

“Maintenance at the Sligo sewage station would be Sligo’s responsibility, along with a registered operator,” continued George. “We’re responsible for the line from Sligo’s manhole to our facility. We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of it.”

The possibility of a gravity sewer versus a pressurized sewer line was reviewed by Clarview, but when Piney Township nixed a gravity sewer and tie-ins, the decision was made for a pressure line due to costs. George said a gravity system became too expensive because costs increased, including getting rights from property owners.

“We would also like to thank state Sen. Scott Hutchinson and state Rep. Donna Oberlander for their support in the loan application process,” said George. “Being a private entity, we couldn’t get a grant. If the township had gone in with us, we could have gotten grants and loans.”

Bid opening for the project is scheduled for June 11, and an estimated construction timeline is from September 2018 to May 2019.

“The approval of this funding through PENNVEST will continue Pennsylvania’s commitment to clean water through a variety of water quality improvement projects across the commonwealth,” said Gov. Wolf. “These projects benefit the environment, economic development and public health, as well as advance our shared goal of a clean and safe environment for our families to enjoy, both now and for years to come.”

The funding comes from a combination of state funds approved by voters, Growing Greener, Marcellus Legacy funds, federal grants to PENNVEST from the Environmental Protection Agency and recycled loan repayments from previous PENNVEST funding awards. Funds for the projects are disbursed after expenses for work have been paid.

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