PETIE THE DOG thanks Todd Stitt and his son, Parker, for the 120 bags of dog biscuits donated to the Orphans of the Storm shelter in Kittanning by Brutus Broth Inc.

KITTANNING – Last week, the homeless dogs at the Orphans of the Storm animal shelter, located in Rayburn Township, near Kittanning, received a donation from Brutus Broth Inc.

Todd Stitt of Kittanning, along with his grandson Parker Stitt, delivered the 120 bags of biscuits — a $900 donation — to the shelter last Tuesday.

“I heard about BB’s community commitment and I contacted them about our shelter. I heard back immediately from BB’s co-founder and president, Kim Hehir, that they wanted to help,” said Stitt.

“We are always so appreciative of donations and the support of the community for Orphans,” said Bethann Galbraith, shelter manager.

“We are grateful to Todd and his family for supporting us and believing in our mission. The dogs that have tried the biscuits have enjoyed them immensely! We are appreciative of BB for its donation,” said Galbraith.

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On hand to accept the biscuits was Petie, one of the dogs at the shelter.

To learn more about Brutus Broth Inc. visit

Orphans of the Storm is a non-profit, 501c3, located in Armstrong County. It was established in 1969 to provide temporary shelter for unwanted and abused animals. The shelter matches lovable animals with loving forever homes, educates the public on humane, responsible care of all animals, and promotes spaying and neutering to reduce companion animal overpopulation.

More information is available at

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