CLARION – A New Bethlehem man currently serving time for threatening corrections officers in Clarion County is facing additional charges of the same nature for allegedly sending another round of letters threatening two local officials.

Joseph David Supik, 28, was charged with making terroristic threats and two counts of harassment.

Supik — who is an inmate at the state prison in Somerset — allegedly penned a letter to Clarion County President Judge James Arner on Feb. 21 containing expletive words toward the judge and other “lewd and obscene” language.

According to reports, the court received a second letter addressed to Arner on March 5, also authored by Supik and dated Feb. 28. In the second expletive-filled letter, Supik allegedly referenced the state prison sentence given to him by the judge, stating that Arner had messed up “badly.”

Supik reportedly wrote that he will make life “Hell” for Arner and his family, explaining that the “game [is] on...your [sic] about to be history.”

A third letter was written by Supik on March 9; this time addressed to David Sprankle, former deputy warden at the Clarion County Jail, reports state.

In this letter, Supik allegedly made a statement which was “sexual in nature,” and used other “lewd and obscene” words.

On April 1, reports state, Clarion Borough Police Chief and Clarion County Detective William Peck IV received another letter from Supik at the Clarion Borough Police Department. The letter mentioned Sprankle and six other corrections officers.

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Supik allegedly stated that he couldn’t wait to get out of jail to pay Sprankle and the officers a visit. Supik reportedly wrote that the only person he is after is Sprankle, and if he ends up in the Clarion County Jail, things can get “ugly” for Sprankle and that “bad” things are going to happen to him.

During an interview on March 15 at the Somerset state prison, Supik allegedly admitted to authoring the letters dated Feb. 21, Feb. 28 and March 9.

Charges against Supik were filed April 8 by Peck with District Judge Duane L. Quinn.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on April 30 before Quinn.

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