NEW BETHLEHEM – While unable to discuss specific plans for the future, area businessman Glenn Shick indicated earlier this week that he had “a few things in mind” for the former Davidson building located along the north side of the 300 Block of Broad Street in New Bethlehem.

Whatever the plans for the site may be, Shick said the first step entails demolishing the existing structure.

“The first thing is to get rid of the liability,” Shick said on Monday, explaining that the dilapidated building is a hazard as it currently stands and is not even safe to walk in. “We need to get the building down and cleaned up ASAP.”

According to Shick, the building has been the victim of years of neglect, leaving very little inside or out that can be salvaged — including an old oven that was utilized when the structure housed a bakery decades ago.

“It’s too far gone to salvage,” he said of the large brick bakery oven.

With the best solution to demolish the current building, Shick said he has already applied for the necessary permits and will save costs by using his own equipment and crew to complete the work in the very near future, which will also include leveling the ground once the building is cleared.

Shick and his wife, Brenda, purchased the former Davidson building — previously owned by William J. and Cynthia Kunselman — for $1,500 at the Clarion County judicial tax sale on Dec. 28.

Although he was not ready to disclose future plans for the soon-to-be vacant lot, Shick noted that the property “can always be used for something,” due mostly to its main street location.

“I liked the idea of the property being located right along the main street,” he said of what attracted him to the property, adding that while no plans are set in stone, he’s been kicking around a few ideas to utilize the space. “That [street] frontage means a lot.”

And while he and his wife enjoy new ventures, Shick said, any future developments will depend on the economy as well as the couple’s personal finances.

“We’re not going to jump into anything we can’t afford right now,” he said.

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