STEVE COCHRAN OF DAYTON was recently awarded PennDOT’s Workplace Hero Award for helping to save a three-year-old Amish girl who was in a runaway buggy.

INDIANA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) awarded Steve Cochran the Workplace Hero Award on Nov. 10.

The Workplace Hero Award is open to PennDOT employees who, during work hours, take actions that prevent the death or serious injury of a co-worker or member of the public.

On the afternoon of Sept. 30, Cochran, along with Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant Lee Bunyak, was involved with an incident involving an Amish buggy. The buggy was traveling on Route 208 in Washington Township, Clarion County, when the horse became spooked and began to run erratically down the road. Cochran noticed there was a small child in the buggy, and he understood the severity of the situation.

According to Cochran, “There was no stopping that horse.”

He maneuvered his vehicle in front of it and tried to signal oncoming vehicles, so they’d be cautious. They were going 25-30 miles per hour at times and this continued for two to three miles.

Eventually the horse turned down a township road and into a field where Trooper Bunyak was able to get the three-year-old girl from the buggy and return her to her mother.

Cochran, of Dayton, is a District 10 Bridge Inspection Crane Technician Supervisor.

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