PAINT TWP. – Girl Scouts from around the region gathered at the Clarion County Park on Thursday night to celebrate National S’mores Day. The annual event highlights the long involvement of the organization with the campfire treat.

Jennifer Sizemore, the vice president of membership for Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, said that National S’mores Day was much more than a one-day event.

“August 10 is the official date this year, but we have 14 separate events around the region to celebrate it,” she said. “We will be holding them for the next several days. It is our official last big summer activity before the school year begins.”

The Western Pennsylvania scouts were joined by 1,500 other celebrations across the nation.

About 20 scouts, along with their parents and numerous volunteers, gathered in one of the park’s picnic pavilions to celebrate the evening event with games, food and, what else, S’mores.

The scouts participated in S’mores-themed games such as Build-A-S’mores using chopsticks to assemble replicas from cardboard graham crackers and cotton-ball marshmallows. Next, the girls strung colored beads into bracelets spelling out their names in Morse code. A scavenger hunt, tossing marshmallows into a bucket and posing with W.C. Moose and other events rounded out that segment of the program.

Randy Vargas, the Western Pennsylvania volunteer support specialist manning the grill outside the pavilion, said that his normal job is training, supporting and guiding volunteers through the security-clearance process.

“And when I am done with all that, I help out wherever and whenever I am needed,” he said.

The first recipe for S’mores, a shortened form of “some mores,” appeared in a Campfire Marshmallows cookbook in 1920. But by that time, the gooey treats were apparently a big hit with both Boy and Girl Scouts. Its exact origins are unknown.

The basic contruction of a classic S’mores involves placing a piece of chocolate on top of a graham cracker, topping it with a toasted marshmallow and completing the sandwich with a second cracker. Modern variations include dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, Golden Grahams, Nutella and S’mores ice cream and cookies.

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