RIMERSBURG – Rimersburg Borough Council members discussed the possibility of fixing a “ponding” issue on Baker Street during their meeting on Monday.

Borough maintenance supervisor Frank McNaughton showed the council pictures of small, roughly quarter-inch deep puddles extending around four feet on the street.

McNaughton spoke highly of Hager Paving in the event that the council approved the paving job that would be necessary in order to fix the road. Hager was awarded a contract in April to pave other Rimersburg streets as well as Baker Street as part of the borough’s sealcoat project. Still, McNaughton noted that the collections of water in the road did not present any immediate need for paving.

“It is a problem, but it’s not a drastic problem. In order to make it look right, you’d have to mill the whole thing down and do it again,” he said.

Council member Pam Curry expressed concern about whether ice could factor into the safety of traveling on the road because of the puddles. McNaughton said that puddles have been present on the road for years, and that ice isn’t any more apparent there now than it was before.

Ultimately, the council decided that no further action would be taken on Baker Street in terms of paving to fix the puddles at this time.

Other Business

• McNaughton informed the council about a request from the Rimersburg Hose Company to replace a door on the side entrance of the community building on Main Street. McNaughton said the door often freezes during the winter and it becomes difficult to come in and out of the entrance. The council voted unanimously in favor of giving permission to the hose company to replace the door.

• Southern Clarion County Regional Police Officer Nicole Peck told the council that an officer would be dispatched during the annual Cookie Daze festival, as well as an extra unit during the car cruise on Sunday, Aug. 12.

• Peck also added that a portion of a rear building at a property at 1051 Main Street fell down and became an imminent safety hazard. According to Peck, the rest of the hazardous portion of the building was torn down by borough maintenance workers. Officer Greg Bowser and Emergency Officer Don Hosey then notified the property owner, who is not living in the area, by phone in regards to what had occurred. The council unanimously deemed it necessary to charge the property owner for the demolition work. The work was completed through the services of a backhoe, which was determined to have accrued a total charge of $58.61.

• The council tabled a decision on whether to approve the request for borough secretary Dana Solida to attend the convention of the Clarion County Association of Township Officials in Knox on Thursday, Sept. 27. “I just don’t know how it’s going to benefit us,” council member T.L. Stewart said, pointing out that not enough was known about the convention yet to make a motion on the validity of attending it. Solida did not attend the council meeting.

• The council agreed to table a decision on the fire hydrant maintenance plan in regards to determining the amount in which townships would be charged for hydrants, as well as potential reallocation of the general budget towards the hydrants.

• The idea of a message board for the borough was quickly dismissed by the council, citing no critical need for one to be placed. The council also did not approve a potential welcome packet for newcomers to the community, with highlights of ordinances, the borough website, resources, water and sewer information, where to pay bills and police services.

“This is the computer age,” Myers said, noting that information regarding the borough could be found on its website.

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